City schedules trick-or-treat, potential looms for cancellation

GRAFTON—On Tuesday afternoon, during their regularly scheduled meeting, Grafton City Council held a discussion on the fate of this year’s trick-or-treating event within the city.

This is a discussion that takes place every year to pin point an appropriate date and time for the festivity, however, this year, there was a bit more to take into consideration, as the battle with COVID-19 continues.

After some deliberation, council felt the risk of trick-or-treating wasn’t any greater than that of children being in school or playing sports, and made the unanimous decision to proceed with the event.

Grafton trick-or-treating is slated to take place on Halloween evening, Saturday October 31, from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Grafton City Manager Kevin Stead noted that council members felt a two-hour window, opposed to the typical one-hour, would allow for kids to spread out more, staggering their start times to avoid creating large crowds.

“Of course it is at your own discretion and personal preference,” Stead added. “If you aren’t comfortable with it, you don’t have to pass out candy or allow your kids to participate. Just keep your lights off and stay inside.”

There are however, a few instances that could result in its cancellation.

While council wanted to afford this opportunity to the children of the community, they want to be sure that it is conducted if a safe manner, and for that reason it was stated that if Taylor County is declared orange or red by the West Virginia State DHHR map the morning of trick-or-treating, the event will be cancelled.

“As long as Taylor County is reported  green, yellow or gold then trick-or-treating will still happen,” Stead disclosed.

The city also sent out a few reminders to assist in keeping everyone safe and healthy. These include staying home if you’re feeling under the weather, to stay outdoors, to keep moving to avoid a large crowd from forming and to keep groups as small as possible.

In addition, council members reminded that children should wear face masks to help prevent the spread and be sure to give others plenty of space when passing.

They also recommended that those passing out candy consider spacing the sweet treat out on a table, rather than using a bowl that children will have to reach into.

Once the candy collection has wrapped up, diving in and divulging in that first piece on the way home might be temping, but it is suggested to use hand sanitizer or hold off until you can properly wash your hands.

Stead, along with council members, also asks that you not have your child ring a doorbell or knock at a home where no one is outside and outside lights are off.

“We want everyone to have a good time and get the chance to do these ‘normal’ things. Please remember when you’re out on Halloween night to be respectful of others around you, and of the individuals passing out candy,” voiced Stead.

Adding to Stead’s comments Grafton’s Mayor Sheila Westfall once again urged residents to wear their masks.

“If you want the kids to have a fragment of normalcy, please wear your mask, and be sure that it is up over your nose,” she exclaimed.


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