City of Grafton institutes new procedures amid COVID-19 outbreak

GRAFTON—At the City of Grafton, the health and safety of our customers, communities, and employees is our top priority. We provide an essential service that it is critically important, and like many other communities in the U.S. and across the globe, the City of Grafton has established coronavirus preparedness plans.

To minimize the risk of exposure to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have initiated our business continuity plans to help provide additional stability to our operations that include water/wastewater services to your homes and businesses.

The City of Grafton continues to monitor situational updates provided by the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, as well as other state and federal organizations. We are continuously evaluating the situation and latest developments to determine how we can adopt and amend measures, as necessary, to support our customers and communities we serve and our employees.

In an effort to keep our customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic, the City of Grafton will be placing a moratorium and discontinuing water service shut offs at this time unless the customer has requested the water service to be shut off. We will continue to evaluate this moratorium as more information becomes available.

In addition, the City of Grafton is requesting that customers call our office to address questions. Rather than visiting City Hall, customers should call (304) 265-1412 to address their service inquiries or use our payment drop box located outside the main entrance to City Hall.

Residents are also asked to limit visitation at the Public Works Office, Bluemont Cemetery, and the Grafton Wastewater Treatment Plant. If you have a question with the Public Works Department you are advised to call 305-265-1234.

Beginning today, if an individual wish to have a burning permit they are asked to call the Grafton Fire Department at 304-265-1866 and the on-duty firemen will take your information. The public is asked to call the Grafton Fire Department for any questions please do not come to the Grafton Fire Department. Residents are also asked to limit walk-ins for the Grafton Police Department. Please call 304-265-0101 with any questions. As normal call 911 for emergencies.

The City of Grafton has been focused on two high priorities as the spread of the coronavirus has evolved - the health and safety of our employees and the health and safety of our customers. As such, the City of Grafton will also be suspending all non-essential field appointments and will limit the amount and nature of contact with customers during all emergency field appointments.

For additional information about the coronavirus, please visit:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention -…

World Health Organization -…/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

Additional changes could take place as advised by the proper authorities. As always, thank you for your trust in the City of Grafton as we continue to provide you with safe, clean, reliable public services.