City announces this year’s Solid Waste Garbage Collection

GRAFTON—According to Grafton City Manager, Kevin Stead the city of Grafton will begin Solid Waste Garbage Collection next month.

In a statement recently released by Stead, he revealed that the city will resume with the pickup in July.

The collection, which was originally scheduled for early spring, was postponed in an effort to protect the health and safety of city employees, amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.

Pickups must be scheduled with the Grafton City Garage, and can be done so by calling 304-265-1234.

Stead, along with city workers are asking those who do schedule a pickup, to not place their items on the curb until the night prior to their scheduled day.

This collection is for larger items that are typically not picked up on regular trash days.

For more details please contact the city garage at 304-265-1234.


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