Church of the Good Shepherd supports First Friday with events

GRAFTON—First Fridays in Grafton usually tend to draw a crowd and help bring community members and guests together for a fun time. So, it is no wonder that one local church is supporting First Fridays and offering their services during the event.

This First Friday, September 6, the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church will be on hand passing out school supplies to those who are still in need.

If your little one is in need of notebooks, paper, folders, glue, pencils or other items to help excel their educational experience, the church has you covered. Be sure to stop by their table downtown to claim your supplies.

Additionally, church members will be asking community members to help spread prayer and good thoughts to those who are ill, have undergone surgery or are struggling through a crisis, through their prayer blankets.

Community members will be encouraged to tie a knot in the fringe of each blanket to indicate a prayer for the person who receives the caring coverup.

The Church of the Good Shepherd has been creating prayer blankets for sick individuals within the congregation, or those family and friends of congregation members, for over ten years now, and the church decided they would like to host an event to let community members get involved.

“The whole idea started when the mother of one of our members was sick and was in need of comfort,” shared Carla Powell. “It really bothered me that she was in need of comfort, so myself and Shirley Shay came up with the idea of creating a prayer blanket for her.”

The idea took off and now the ladies can be found making the special blankets frequently.

After a blanket is finished, she embroiders the church’s name onto it, along with a cross. The blanket is then delivered to its recipient, and they can take comfort as they wrap themselves in the healing prayers sent from the congregation that helped create it.

Church members took to the community during Grafton’s July First Friday events, and will once again be downtown with their prayer blankets, expanding their ministry.

“We are encouraging community members to stop by our booth to help tie knots in the blankets as they pray over them,” Reverend Matthew Dotson said. “The finished blankets will then be delivered to those in need.”

For more information about the prayer blanket ministry, please contact the Church of the Good Shepherd at 304-265-1705.


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