Chapman receives high honors from the United States Navy

TAYLOR COUNTY—A Grafton High School graduate has made a name for himself in the United States Navy, receiving some honorable acclaims recently.

Jordan Chapman knew in his sophomore year that he wanted to join the Navy, but had to wait until graduation to fulfill that dream.

“He talked to a recruiter at the school during his sophomore year, and was so excited about the idea of joining, but couldn’t officially sign the papers to enlist until his senior year,” share Angela Chapman, Jordan’s mother.

Just a few short weeks after graduating, Chapman was on his way to boot camp.

“I had one child leaving for college and another leaving for boot camp, all at the same time,” shared A. Chapman. “Talk about having an empty nest!”

Through his training, Chapman became an Aviation Ordnanceman 1 (AO1).

“As an Ordnanceman, Jordan is responsible for handling weapons and ammunition that are transported to and from aircraft on the naval ships,” A. Chapman explained.

Chapman has earned both Surface Warfare and Air Warfare designators in his approximately 11 years of service with the Navy.

For the last three years, up until recently, AO1 Chapman was stationed at a base in Fallon, Nevada. During his time there, he worked hard and impressed many of his leading officers, according to A. Chapman.

Chapman was named as Sailor of the Year while stationed at Naval Air Station Fallon. In addition, he was also named as the 2017 Association of Aviation Ordnance John W. Finn Aviation Ordnancemen of the Year.

“That honor is given to the top Ordnanceman in the Navy,” shared A. Chapman. “Jordan was honored to received the award, and we are so very proud of him for it.”

A. Chapman reported that her son was recently honored during a ceremony, where approximately 40 other sailors were sworn in to new positions.

“It was such a wonderful event,” she expressed. “It was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience to see and be a part of.”

His mom said that Chapman advanced from a Petty Officer to a Chief Petty Officer, an E7. After receiving his honors, Chapman filled out paperwork to seek an officer title.

Currently, he is stationed at Naval Air Station Lemoore, in California.

“He’s getting ready to head out on an aircraft carrier for an eight month tour,” shared A. Chapman. “It’s always hard when he’s out at sea, because we don’t know how often we will hear from him, if at all.”

She expressed that to her it was amazing to see Chapman take what he learned at Grafton High School and apply it to his career in the Navy.

“What he has accomplished over his time in the Navy is an incredible achievement,” voiced A. Chapman. “At 28 years old, most people haven’t achieved such honors, and often don’t throughout their time in the military. We are so proud of everything he has accomplished so far, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jordan.”

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