Cassell sent back to jail after two failed attempts at rehabilitation

TAYLOR COUNTY—After being placed on bond supervision through the Taylor County Community Corrections Program, a local man is back behind bars.

Christopher Willis Cassell, represented by attorney William Davis, was back in Taylor County Circuit Court recently to answer to issues while on supervision.

During the hearing, the court revealed that the defendant had been released to the program on January 31, and was permitted to enter into the drug rehabilitation program at St. Joseph’s Recovery Center.

Cassell successfully completed that program on April 4, however on April 7 he tested positive for drugs and reentered St. Joseph’s. For a second time, he completed the program on May 6 and was returned to community corrections.

Program Director Tammy Narog submitted a report to the court outlining Cassell’s multiple positive drug screens. A capias was issued for his arrest and was executed on May 11.

During the hearing, Davis told the court his client wished to admit to positive drug screening in February and asked that the defendant be placed back onto the Community Corrections Program to further address his addiction.

Taylor County Prosecuting Attorney John Bord voiced, on behalf of the State of West Virginia, that he had very serious concerns for the health and safety of Cassell should he be allowed back onto the program, however, if it was drug treatment he was seeking, the state would not be opposed to an opportunity for Cassell to attend a long-term drug abuse program.

Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Shawn D. Nines, agreeing with the state, voiced that there were very serious concerns with allowing the defendant’s supervised bond to continue due to his continued drug use.

Nines further revealed that it was his opinion that the defendant was not an appropriate candidate for bond supervision. 

Because Cassell had continually violated the terms of his alternative sentence, Nines ordered his bond revoked, and that the defendant was sent back to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.


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