Can you walk 100 Miles in 100 Days? Take the summer walking challenge

TAYLOR COUNTY—Are you looking for a way to get healthier now that the weather has warmed up? Or maybe you want to get your summer body in check. Two local organizations are teaming up with the perfect opportunity to help you stay active, healthier and maybe even slim some inches off of your waistline.

The West Virginia University Taylor County Extension office has teamed up with the Planned Approach To Community Health (PATCH) Coalition of Taylor County to offer residents an incentive to lacing up their sneakers.

“Join us beginning June 1 for our ‘100 Miles in 100 Days’ summer walking challenge,” said 4-H program Assistant Andrea Lambert. “The challenge will be open to anyone in our community that is interested in the health benefits of walking.”

Lambert cited that in a recent report some health numbers for Taylor County residents were collected and compiled that were slightly alarming and could use some improvements.

“In the 2022 County Health Ranking and Roadmaps published by the University of Wisconsin, it was reported that 39 percent of adults in Taylor County are obese, 33 percent reported no leisure time physical activity and 24 percent reported being in fair or poor health,” she disclosed. “We live in a beautiful community full of amazing, hardworking people, but studies have shown that there are some areas where we need to do better.”

Lambert shared that experts agree that adding even as few as ten minutes of physical activity a day, such as walking, can help improve overall health.

“Walking can help you burn calories and maintain a healthier weight, reduce your risk of many chronic diseases, help alleviate joint pain and can even reduce stress and boost your mood,” Lambert explained.

During the 100 Miles in 100 Days challenge, walkers will log their total steps daily and will report those numbers on a weekly basis. At the end of the contest, which will wrap up on September 9, participants will submit their log sheets so that numbers can be tabulated, and winners can be announced.

To help encourage participation in the 100 Miles in 100 Days challenge, the two organizations would be offering residents the chance at winning some great prizes, in addition to claiming a healthier lifestyle.

Challenge participants will compete to win prizes such as gift cards, gift baskets and cooking supplies, in one of three different age categories including 12 and under, 13-17 and 18 and over.

Those interested in joining the challenge can register in several different ways. Registration may be completed online by visiting or a hard copy of the registration form may be picked up from the Extension Office, DHHR, Taylor County Public Library or other locations around town. 

Completed forms will need to be returned, with registration fee, to the Extension office by dropping it off in person or by mailing it to WVU Taylor County Extension 7 Hospital Plaza, Grafton, WV 26354.

Individuals may also scan the QR code provided to complete registration virtually.

QR code for registration

Each participant will be asked to pay a $10 registration fee, and checks can be made payable to the PATCH Coalition of Taylor County.

“So if you are interested in improving your overall health and wellness through walking and enjoying the great outdoors this summer, grab your family and friends, get signed up and say ‘Challenge Accepted!,’” Lambert voiced.

For more information about this or any other WVU Extension programs, please contact the Taylor County Extension office at 304-265-3303.

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