Café Impressionaté showcases the talents of students at GHS

The Mixed Trio of Chase Bucklew, Greg Cavelli and Austin Casto perform during Café Impressionaté. (Photo courtesy of Duretha Mayle) Artwork created by Amelia Dahl (Photo courtesy of Duretha Mayle)

GRAFTON—The art scene took over Grafton High School (GHS) last week, as students with various talents took part in a night dedicated to all things creative.

Café Impressionaté, the GHS Fine Arts Night, was held at the school on Monday, November 14, showcasing students from all areas of art.

“A coffee shop vibe greeted the almost 100 guests for the evening,” said Director of Choirs at Grafton High School and Taylor County Middle School Duretha Mayle. “What a wonderful evening we had! We have so many talented students at GHS!”

The evening featured musical performances, both instrumental and voice, a dance, theatrical readings, poetry readings, various art submissions, and a performance by the GHS Entertainers.

“The art was simply amazing, and the poetry was beautiful,” Mayle expressed. “Students sang and played instruments, danced and performed skits to a packed house!”

A beautiful selection was played by a clarinet trio, featuring Casey Allen, Meredith Leard and Alex Himes, while Reagan Knight and Neveah White performed a saxophone duet.

Flutists Grier Taylor and Olivia Miller played together, followed by a solo selection by Taylor.

Guests were treated to the cool stylings of a mixed quartet consisting of Anna Poling and Presleigh Tingler on trumpet and Jaylin Summers and Leah Nelson on clarinet.

The musical selections also included Chase Bucklew on Trumpet, Greg Cavelli playing Alto Saxophone and Austin Casto on Baritone Saxophone during their mixed trio performance.

Guests were serenaded by the sweet and powerful voices of Jerra Halbritter, Lexi Sharp, Abby Swiger, Brylen Purkey and Nevi White.

While music is a large part of the arts culture, it is not the only part and various entries showed that the arts are combined of various other forms of expression.

One such facet is that of dance, and Grier Taylor performed a solo for those in attendance.

Showcasing a flair for the dramatic, Abby Swiger, Jaden Young, Brooke Bolyard, Autumn Ware and Raquel Weatherby all took to the stage with theatrical readings during the night devoted to the arts.

This year’s Poetry Out Loud participants even got in on the action, reciting their memorized poems. Those taking part in Fine Arts Night were Caroline Wellman, Alexa Swick, Violet Rubenstein and Karigan Wildroudt.

And what would Fine Arts Night be without the creative creations of students. Submissions were displayed for all to see. Artists for the night included Averielle Kelley, Addie Tucker, Abigail Paugh, Ruby Hendrickson, Amelia Dahl, Jessa Caruso, Carolyn Gainer, Marili Poling, Tori Ward and Sydney Chen.

Also presenting artwork were Casey Lipscomb, Carmen Peggs, Lilian Roy, Madison Stout, Lyndsay Bolyard, Lydia Campbell, Mya Collins, Nevaeh Hostler, Emily Viani, Molly Oldaker, Gabryel Phillips, Larkin Nicholson and Lillie Singleton.

Of course, no GHS arts night would be complete without a performance by the GHS Entertainers Edition 51.

Members Nevi White, Alexis Sharp, Jerra Halbritter, Brylen Purkey, Kevie Sipes, Kelly Bolyard, Violet Rubenstein, Grier Taylor, Sierra Persinger, Abby Swiger, Jaden Young, Noah Shaw, Shaun Rauch, Wyatt Davis and Brennon Delaney took to the stage to impress the crowd.

And what would the evening be without the hard work of the tech crew, ensuring that everything went as planned? Audrey Casto, Kaizon Bolyard, Lucas Swisher and Lillian Shingleton made sure that the sights and sounds could be enjoyed by all.

“It was really an amazing night,” commented Mayle. “We hope that Fine Arts Night will become an annual event at GHS, and we would just like to thank all of the students who took part this year.”

And what would a coffee shop vibe be without delicious delicacies and warm drinks?

“I want to extend my gratitude to the parents of the performing students who donated sweet treats, coffee, tea and hot chocolate,” Mayle voiced. “A special shout out goes to Alisha Taylor, Adrienne Kunce and Cindy Rubenstein for setting up and manning the treats tables.”

She noted that a special thanks needed extended to Mr. Rucker and Ms. Thobois for their assistance with organizing the event, as well as Mrs. Dalton for including the Poetry Out Loud students.

The arts are alive and well at GHS, and those who would like to take them in may do so at some upcoming events.

First, the GHS Band will perform a concert on December 13, at 7:00 p.m., at the high school. The evening is sure to be a special event that music fans won’t want to miss.

Then, the choral students will have their time to shine when they take the stage on December 20 for the annual GHS Choral Concert. That show is also set to begin at 7:00 p.m.

The Mixed Trio of Chase Bucklew, Greg Cavelli and Austin Casto perform during Café Impressionaté. (Photo courtesy of Duretha Mayle) Artwork created by Amelia Dahl (Photo courtesy of Duretha Mayle)


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