Buffalo Flats Artists Association to host a beauty of a fighter

GRAFTON—A local girl, who has made a name for herself fighting and has achieved major accolades in her sport, is coming back to her hometown to host a meet and greet.

Natalie “Kill Face” (Morgan) Pagliughi, a five-time Muay Thai champion, will be making her way back home from California, to share her story with the community on Friday, June 23, at Buffalo Flats Artists Association, located at 34 West Main Street, Grafton, from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Pagliughi grew up in Grafton, but decided to move to California, and began training in the art of Muay Thai in September 2010.

“I started doing Muay Thai because I was getting out of shape and was looking for a fun way to exercise,” shared Pagliughi. “After my first class, I was completely hooked and in six months, I started sparring and really enjoyed it, so I made the decision to look into fighting.”

Pagliughi said that her first fight was a success, which drove her ambition further. Not only has she fought local opponents, but she has competed nationally, under the watchful eye of Mark Komuro, her coach.

Winning titles such as IMTF Featherweight Champion in 2013 and both IFS Atomweight Champion and IKF World Title in 2015, Pagliughi’s career took off.

Then, in April, Pagliughi moved from amateur to professional, and took her fight international. While on her honeymoon, she learned that she had been accepted into the World Muay Thai Angels Tournament, and in doing so made history by becoming the first American female fighter to compete in the tournament, which took place on April 9, in Bangkok, Thailand.

“I felt overwhelmed with excitement when I found out I had been accepted,” expressed Pagliughi. “I felt a great sense of pride, and was so grateful to be able to represent not only American Muay Thai, but American Female Muay Thai!”

Devoted to her craft, which has been deemed the art of eight limbs, Pagliughi made the decision to strengthen her skills in Thailand for three months, before her competition.

“I knew that I deserved to be there with the best in the world, and I was going to show them that the United States has great skill in fighting,” reported Pagliughi.

The Angels Fight featured 16 female fighters from around the world. Quite a few of those ladies have been fighting professionally for some time, but that wouldn’t stop Pagliughi’s drive and determination to make a name for herself, and for American Muay Thai fighters.

Pagliughi said she had always hoped and dreamed that she would one day make it onto the professional platform.

“I always planned on going pro after I made the choice that fighting was what I wanted to do with my life. I’m grateful that I had a successful amateur career,” shared Pagliughi. “I love this sport! It has taught me many things, but the number one thing is that being a good person in and out of the ring is the most important thing in life, and that the relationships we make are priceless!”

To hear more about her story and her upcoming plans, be sure to head over to Buffalo Flats Artist Association this Friday, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. While there, Pagliughi will be taking pre-orders for her Kill Face shirts. The shirts will be shipped to the customer, and the cost of shipping will be added to the price of the shirt. Shirts will need to be paid for at the meet and greet.