Bright and colorful new look comes to the Taylor County Circuit Clerk’s office

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GRAFTON—The Taylor County Circuit Clerk’s Office has gotten some much needed tender love and care, recently.

According to Circuit Clerk Vonda Reneman, the last time the office had a major update was approximately 20 years ago.

“I started here in 1984 and through the years, we have moved offices around as space has become available,” shared Reneman. “Then, in either 1999 or 2000, when the Magistrate Court moved to the ground level of the courthouse, more office space became available.”

Reneman went on to explain that they used to share their office space with the prosecuting attorneys, but after moving the Magistrate Court to the lower level, they were moved upstairs.

In addition to a cheerful golden yellow paint color, the office has been upgraded to include a new walk-up window area, which was once used to house important files.

“When they put the security scanner in as you come through the doors, it cause somewhat of a bottle neck in the area,” explained Reneman. “I decided then, that it was a good time to move the main entrance to the office.”

Reneman said she came up with the design for the new office space, and it was approved by Judge Alan D. Moats, as well as the Taylor County Commission.

“After it was approved, it was decided that R&R Services would complete the work last April, and then the hailstorm hit. I knew that our plans were going to shift some, but I was happy to wait, if it meant homes were getting repaired,” expressed Reneman.

She said that not only have the renovations opened up the workspace for the office workers, but it should be more easily accessed by the community.

“We are going to start doing e-filing, and have set up the walk-up area for once that takes place. There will be two computers on either side of the counter, for individuals to scan their information into the system. We have also installed a handicap accessible area, as well as a desk where people can look at old files,” said Reneman.

The original space used as the Circuit Clerk’s office now houses drawers containing files and records kept since 1844, when Taylor County was first formed, and was still part of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“I will never get rid of them, because of the historical significance,” expressed Reneman. “A lot of the records have to do with real estate, which we have to keep, anyway.”

According to Reneman, the information was switched from files to books, which are also housed in that room. She said as grant money becomes available, she tries to upgrade the books that are becoming worn and falling apart.

“We have a lot of information in this office,” reported Reneman. “We needed more space, and because space is a commodity in the courthouse, once you get it, you don’t give it up. We had to figure out how to rearrange the space that we had to make it more practical.”

Reneman shared that she is excited for the new look of the office, and she thinks the citizens who stop in, will be too.

“We are really happy with how it turned out, and function-wise, it was a win-win,” said Reneman. “Not only is there more space for individuals to come in and take care of their business with us, but now with the window and layout, we feel a little more protected.”

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