Born and Bred ready to rock you

KNOTTSVILLE—Do you have your tickets for the biggest music festival happening in Taylor County?  If you don’t, there will still be tickets available at the gate. 

With the Mountaineer game cancelled and the weather looking promising, it’s hard to think of a better way to enjoy a Saturday. 

The musicians are also excited to get the show started. 

“They are all so excited about coming back and performing in their hometown.  No one hesitated to say yes,” said Harvey. 

Harvey said that the fact that the proceeds from the festival are all going to the restoration of the Manos Theatre only sweetened the pot for the musicians who are passionate about seeing it reopened. 

The time slots for the bands are 1:30 The Mason, 2:30 Patricia Smith, 3:30 Humble and Kind, 4:30 Greg Ice and the Awkward Pauses, 5:30 George Shingleton, 6:30 Wendy and Brian of Taylor Made, 7:15 Last Year’s Model, 8:15 Stephanie Adlington and 9:30 The Chris Weaver Band. 

The times are fluid, as there is always a chance of slight delays occurring.

Born and Bred will take place on September 15, at the Tygart Lake Golf Course, from 12:30-11:30pm.  Tickets are $18 for general admission on the day of the event and $30 dollars for VIP seating. 

In addition to the bands, there will be several food trucks and drink tents at the festival.  Food trucks will include Heavenly Hoagies, A+ Meats, Kettle Pop Company, Dummie Dum Cupcakes, Heard’s Best BBQ Ever and Pizza from B &L Heating and Cooling. 

If you have pre-ordered your Born and Bred tee-shirts, they will be available for pick up at the merchandise table at the show.  There will also be a limited number of shirts and stickers available for purchase. 

Come out and enjoy a great show and support the revitalization of the Manos Theatre!