Book project aimed at helping kids

TAYLOR COUNTY—Sometimes kids are faced with difficult situations and scenarios in life, and one organization is working to help them address some of the issues that come along with those instances.

The Planned Approach To Community Health (PATCH) Coalition of Taylor County recently acquired four complete collections of kids’ books that would help address a span of difficult subjects.

The collections of 20 books, featuring 20 various topics, will be dispersed in the community, to help reach more youths.

“Our plan is to provide one complete collection to the school libraries at Anna Jarvis Elementary, Flemington Elementary, and West Taylor Elementary,” shared Alicia Lyons. “The fourth collection will be donated to the Taylor County Public Library.”

The A Kids Book About series offers youths an easy, age appropriate way to navigate through tough topics such as depression, body image, bullying, disabilities, divorce, emotions and shame.

The books will also help the children who read them to better understand racism, empathy, creativity, adventure, belonging, failure and mindfulness, along with many other topics.

“In the near future, volunteers from our coalition will be reading each of these books on our Facebook page,” Lyons revealed. “This will be a great opportunity to preview the books and also get some summer reading in!”

Group volunteers picked books that had lessons of interest to them, and they will be recording readings of the books that will be uploaded for the community to enjoy. To view the readings, visit

“We also want to give the community an opportunity to invest in this venture with us,” said Lyons.

She reported that Joe Soleberg has developed an online option for community members to sponsor one or more of the books. Sponsoring a book would help cover the cost of each book and the service fee for running a credit card.

Those interested may visit and sponsor a book for just $11.

A label will be placed inside each book showing that they were provided by the PATCH Coalition in conjunction with the community member that donated to the cause.

“We will place a sticker inside of the book informing future readers who helped bring this collection to our community,” Lyons noted. “We appreciate your support with this exciting project!”

Sponsorships can also be done in person at the Taylor County Family Resources office, located at 105 Beech Street, Grafton.

“Hopefully, these books will be a great way to help kids navigate through some of life’s situations,” said Lyons. “We are excited to be able to bring this project to the youths of the county.”


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