BOE releases proposed calendar

GRAFTON—The Taylor County Board of Education held a special meeting Tuesday evening to discuss the 2019-2020 Taylor County School Calendar.

Taylor County Board of Education President Austin Upton opened the meeting to the public to discuss the calendar for the upcoming school year.

Director of Attendance and Safety Jenny McCarthy shared a rough draft of the calendar, with the board.

She told the board the this is currently a draft and changes can be made if needed.

“We work very closely with Harrison and Doddridge Counties when drafting the calendar, to help accommodate students using the technical centers,” McCarthy shared.

She told the board another hearing that will be open to the public will be in March, and then the calendar would be voted on after so that it could be sent for state approval by May.

Some the important dates McCarthy reviewed with the board were the first day for staff employees would be August 20 and meetings would continue throughout the week. On Friday, August 23, teachers would have the opportunity to prepare their classrooms for the first day of school for students.

“The first day of school for students grades 1-12 would be Monday, August 26,” reported McCarthy.

One of the bigger changes on the draft was the traditional week off for spring break. Students will have Friday, April 10, off and would return to school on Tuesday, April 14.

The last day for students would be Tuesday, June 2 ,with a two-hour early dismissal, but that day could be converted to instructional day if there are too many days missed for weather or other reasons.

The board members discussed some of the changes, and Upton asked that the draft be made public for the community to review.

The next calendar hearing will be held in March, and the public is encouraged to attend to voice any concerns they may have.

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