BOE recognizes the dedication of retiring teachers and personnel

PRUNTYTOWN—The Taylor County Board of Education honored retirees for their service and dedication to county on Tuesday.

Before the regularly scheduled meeting, the board wanted to show this year’s retirees how much they appreciate their service to Taylor County.

The professional retirees that were honored at the reception included Donna Jo Hause with 40 years of service, Cynthia Sue Oliver with 37 years of service, Stefan L. Smolski with 19 years of service and Sara. D. Weaver with 33 years of service.

In addition, the following retirees not present at the reception were Andrea Diana Kovach, Valerie Morral, Mary Virginia Pheasant, Suzanne Viski and Allison Addington

Superintendent Christy Miller called each retiree up to the front and gave them a certificate to commemorate their retirement.

In addition, the board also recognized service personnel, employees that are retiring this year.

Miller shared that without service personnel the schools in the county would not function.

Terry Carpenter was recognized for 40 years of service, Sue Ellen Moore was thanked for 21 years of service and the board thanked Jeffrey Shreve for his 33 years of service.

Additionally, the following service personnel retirees were not present Judy Gray, Margaret Larew, Marilyn Sayres, Don Swisher and Patty Thorn.

The board members lined up and thanked each person for their hard work and dedication throughout the years and congratulated them on their retirement

After the retirees were congratulated, they enjoyed cake and refreshments before the meeting began.

After the reception, it was business as usual for the Taylor County Board of Education.

During the Superintendent Update, Miller reported the current enrollment projections of students for the 2019-2020 school.

“We currently have 188 students that will be entering the school year as home schooled. Four of those have indicated that they may be returning full-time,” she disclosed. “Last year, we had 41 students join that list.”

Miller told the board that currently they have 2,231 enrolled for the upcoming school year and for 125 students registered for per-kindergarten.

“The total projected enrollment at this point is 2,356,” she reported. “We ended the school year with 2,383. I am hoping by the time school opens again in the fall, we will be closer to what we ended with.”

After the update, the board members reviewed and held their first reading for various policies including weapons, service personnel staff development, entrance requirements, use of medication and bullying.

After reviewing various professional personnel employments, transfers, extracurricular, substitute teachers, resignations and service personnel employments the agenda items were approved.

The meeting concluded with Miller talking to the board members about some of the legislative considerations that will be affecting the upcoming school year.

She informed the board that many of the items are still being discussed and they are hoping by the end of July they will know more about some of the new policies.


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