Bearcub teams face tough competitors over the weekend

GRAFTON—The Bearcub Midgets and Mighty Mite teams met up with teams from Bridgeport and Buckhannon on McKinney Field, Saturday night.

The Midgets played under the lights, in a contest that pitted the Grafton Bearcubs against the Bridgeport Indians.

Although the Cubs’ Midget team came out with enthusiasm and heart, the Indians would dominate the field, claiming victory over the Cubs 42-0.

“They might have outplayed our boys, but I was proud of the effort of this team,” said Head Coach Doug Devart. “They played with heart and shouldn’t be disappointed with their effort.”

The Indians got their momentum in the first quarter and would find the endzone early. After an extra point kick by the Indians, the score sat at 7-0.

The Bearcubs held the Bridgeport off from another score, until they once again broke free of the defense’s clutches and scored with 7:33 left in the second quarter, bringing the score to 12-0.

The Indians were able to find the endzone once more in the second quarter at the 4:14 mark and went into halftime with a 20-0 lead over the Cubs.

The Bearcubs came out of halftime ready to battle it out on the field once more and held the Indians scoreless for the bulk of the third quarter. However, with 2:21 left on the clock, the Indians put another touchdown in the record book, raising their lead to 26-0.

The Cubs’ would not let the deficient stop their drive and determination. As the offense worked to move the ball down the field, getting into scoring position many times, but never quite being able to break the goal line, the defense went to work shutting down multiple attempts by the Indians to increase their lead even further.

The Indians would however score two more times in the fourth quarter and went on the claim the win over the Cubs.

“Our boys really put forth some effort on the field,” said Assistant Coach Steve Louzy. “The offense worked hard to move the ball, but we just couldn’t seem to find the endzone. Defensively our boys played hard.”

“Losing isn’t something that we want to do, and this loss really stinks, but these boys should all hold their heads high knowing that they never gave up. They fought with heart until the buzzer sounded,” he added. “Bridgeport is a tough team, only giving up six points this season so far. But our focus is now on our next game against Summersville.”

The Bearcub Mighty Mites once again hit the field running, as multiple players racked up rushing yards in their duel against Buckhannon.

Aiden Foley led the Bearcubs with 120 rushing yards, 15 receiving yards and one touchdown, while teammate Hudson Keener recorded 102 yards rushing and threw for 15 yards.

Landon Lynch rushed for 51 yards against the Buckhannon team, and Isaiah Glaspell recorded 16 rushing yards on the night.

“These boys continue to give it their all,” said Head Coach Rick Glaspell. “They’ve been putting up some great numbers this season, but it is a team effort that gets the job done!”

The Bearcubs will be back in action this Saturday, October 10 against Summersville. The home games are slated to kick off at 3:00 p.m. when the Mighty Mite teams take the field. The PeeWees will begin play at 5:00, and the Midgets will round out the evening with their game slated for 7:00 p.m.


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