Bearcub Midgets maul Panthers

GRAFTON—The Bearcub teams made their way to Liberty High School’s football field to take on the Clarksburg Panthers on Sunday.

The Bearcub Midget team kicked off play at 1:00 p.m., in a matchup that had fans on the end of their seats by the fourth quarter of the game.

The Panthers would be the first team to put a score on the board, with a touchdown in the first quarter, but in true Bearcub spirit, the Grafton boys wouldn’t let it rattle them or get them down.

The Panthers would hold the lead until the second half of the game, going into halftime with a 6-0 lead over the Cubs.

After some words of encouragement from their coaching staff, who cited the popular Spice Girls song “Wannabe,” the Bearcub Midgets found their stride in the third quarter, when Noah Nestor received a 40-yard pass from Chace Kinsey and was able to push through the Panthers defenders into the endzone.

The extra point attempt was thwarted by the Clarksburg team, which only added fuel to the Cub’s fire.

During the third quarter, Garrett Davis and Nestor would claim two more touchdowns. For the first time this season, the Cubs pulled out a secret weapon, as Josh McIe entered the field in hopes of successfully completing an extra point kick.

With the combination of a good snap, a strong hold and a beautiful kick, the football sailed through the uprights, as the crowd erupted in cheers.

The Cubs continued to hold off the Panther’s attempts to find the endzone, and as the clock ticked down, Cade Mooney was able in intercept a Panther pass, on a energy filled Pick 6.

McIe would once again come onto the field to attempt an extra point kick, but this time, the ball pulled to the right, missing the uprights. However, the Cubs went on the claim a 26-6 victory over the Panthers.

“The game started off a little slow both offensively and defensively, but we got it going in the second quarter,” said head coach Doug Devart. “We were able to get on the board and claim the lead in an exciting third quarter, and the boys held tough and carried their fighting spirit through until the buzzer sounded in the fourth.”

He noted that sometimes, a slow and steady drive is just what a team needs to succeed on the field.

“The way the boys played reminds me of the fall when making apple butter,” Devart commented. “It takes a long time and a good amount of effort, but when you get the final results, it’s great!”

The Bearcub PeeWees were the next to take the field for the day, and found themselves against a formidable opponent. The Cubs never really found their stride and fell to the Panthers 39-0.

“We are a young team. Each week is a learning opportunity for these boys,” said head Coach Chad Royce. “We will use this experience as a way to grow as a team. Our boys were able to chase the ball carrier and worked together to tackle as a team, so those are some positives we can take away from the day.”

The Bearcub Mighty Mites were the final team to take the field for the day, and head coach Rick Glaspell said he was happy with the performance of his boys.

Aiden Foley lead the Cubs with 165 rushing yards, which included a 95-yard touchdown. He also netted 28 receiving yards on the day.

Hudson Keener also put up some impressive stats, claiming 62 yards rushing and 28 yards passing, followed by Landon Lynch, who recorded 58 rushing yards. Isaiah Glaspell also recorded 7 yards of rushing for the Cubs for the day.

The Midgets will be back in action this Saturday, October 3, when they welcome the Bridgeport Indians to McKinney Field for their second home game of the season. Kickoff is set for 7:00 p.m. The PeeWees and Mighty Mites are both off this weekend.


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