Bearcats Soccer falls to Bridgeport

BRIDGEPORT—The GHS Bearcat soccer team travelled to Bridgeport this past week to face the Indians on the turf at Bridgeport. 

The GHS Bearcats faced their toughest challenge of the season, as a defensive battle emerged that would eventually lead to the Bearcats having to end the game a man down. 

The first half would see the defense of both teams excel. The passing among the Bearcats would help them maintain possession for most of the first half. 

At the nine-minute mark, GHS got a corner kick and Landen Hulley took the kick and placed it on the near post as the goalie made a play, but it was too late as the ball found the back of the net, putting the Bearcats on top early 1-0. 

The defensive battle continued for the remainder of the first half until a GHS foul and a free kick for Bridgeport would tie the score 1-1 just before halftime. 

The second half would begin with a good back and forth between both teams, with several fouls called, but one of the GHS players would receive a red card at the f15-minute mark, which would put the Bearcats a man down to face the Indians with only ten men. 

Bridgeport would exploit this deficit with a scoring run that would see them score three more goals before the final whistle blew, giving the victory to Bridgeport 4-1. 

“After the red card, we had to play down a man and scramble to make a game of it. Bridgeport capitalized on the numbers and set out on attack,” Coach Jack Wolverton lamented. “I know this team would love to have another chance to play them again with a full eleven-man roster.”

The GHS Bearcats will be in action again this week as they travel to Lewis County to take on the Minute Men. 

Individual player stats: L. Hulley: 1 goal, 5 steals, G. McVicker: 2 steals, C. Sanders: 4 steals, Z. Nibert: 2 steals, L. Miller: 1 steal, G. Wolverton: 4 steals, D. Weaver: 2 steals, G. Chambers: 2 steals, B. Kittle: 3 saves. 


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