Bearcat Cheerleaders compete in Regionals and Big Ten Competitions

EAST FAIRMONT—The Grafton High School Cheerleaders have had a very busy week, as they competed in the Region I Class AA championships last Saturday at East Fairmont High School. The Bearcats then traveled to Robert C. Byrd High School on Wednesday night to perform in the Big Ten Championships.

In the regional competition, the girls finished in ninth place, as they competed against squads from East Fairmont, Keyser, North Marion, Weir, Fairmont Senior, Oak Glen, Frankfort, Philip Barbour, Berkeley Springs and Petersburg.

“In regionals, we had 19 points in deductions which ten were not accounted for in the review,” said veteran coach Crystal Morris.  “So we should have finished fifth. Hopefully next year, we will have full 13 girls able to compete instead of only 10 which will help also,” Coach Morris added.  The Region I Class AA results were as follows:

1. East Fairmont

2. Keyser

3. North Marion

4. Weir

5. Fairmont Senior

6. Oak Glen

7. Frankfort

8. Philip Barbour

9. Grafton

10. Berkeley Springs

11. Petersburg

The next competition for the Bearcats was the Big Ten Championships at RCB. The girls had a solid performance in front of a packed crowd, and finished in 10th place.

The Big Ten is actually made up of 13 teams from North Central West Virginia. The girls competed against teams from Liberty (Harrison), Lewis County, RCB, Bridgeport, East Fairmont, Lincoln, Preston, North Marion, Fairmont Senior, Grafton, Elkins, Philip Barbour and Buckhannon-Upshur.

“I was proud of the girls in the way they competed in the Big Tens,” said Coach Morris. “Without the safety deductions, which were accurate, we would have finished at least one position higher,” she added.

The results for the Big Ten were as follows:

1. Liberty (Harrison)

2. Lewis County

3. Robert C. Byrd

4. Bridgeport

5. East Fairmont

6. Lincoln

7. Preston

8. North Marion

9. Fairmont Senior

10. Grafton

11. Elkins

12. Philip Barbour

13. Buckhannon-Upshur

“We are heading in the right directions and definitely rebuilding with a wonderful group of girls,” said Morris.” We are losing one senior from the competition squad, Cheyenne, and 3 from general cheer, Kaycie, Brooklyn and Micah. We have a really strong junior class and some underclassmen that are definitely stepping up! I have always been blessed with young ladies that use the sport of cheer and the skills learned there to become better adults,” Coach Morris concluded.

The members of the Cheerleading team are Autumn Backman, Kaycie Cochran, Isabella Collins, Micah Collins, Olivia Collins, Madelyn Countryman, Kristi Daetwyler, Zoe Dobbins, Caitlin Doyle, Payton England, Payton Forte, Josie Grass, Tori Jackson, Aleah McGee, Brooklyn Palmer, Brooklyn Perks, Alley Rivera, Abigail Rucker, Gina Shaffer, Toriana Streets, Brooklyn Teeple and Cheyenne Wycoff.  

With the completion of the Big Ten, the competitive portion of the 2017 cheer season has come to an end. The girls will now return to the court to help cheer on the GHS boys and girls basketball teams.

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