Base Invaders hit the road this week

12U drops a close contest, while 16U game gets called in the third

GRAFTON—The 12U and 16U Base Invaders spilt up this week to face different opponents in different counties.

The 12U would travel to Harrison County to face Bridgeport and the 16U would travel to Barbour County to face Philippi. 

The 12U Base Invaders game would be the closest one of the season.

 After taking an early lead the Base Invaders would started into a see-saw effect per inning, as the lead change would happen almost each inning. 

When the final inning passed, the Bridgeport squad would squeak out a victory with a final of 18-14. 

“This game was extremely exciting. This was the best we have played all year. I think these girls ultimately proved to themselves that they could do it. The excitement from the bench and from the parents was phenomenal and it made everyone play at the next level. We have one more game to go this season and it is my hope that these girls had fun and learned a lot this season,” voiced coach Jay Taylor. 

The 16U team would not share the same energy as their 12U counterparts, as they traveled to Barbour County in what would be a wet and long day for the Base Invaders.

Barbour County would jump out to massive first inning lead and continued to add to that lead in the second inning causing the game to be called in the third inning. 

“We just need some pitching. We have girls in the pipeline training with collegiate level pitchers, but they just aren’t ready yet. These long scoring innings just sap the energy out of the whole team. It makes the defense less sharp when a ball is hit, they just aren’t ready. But this is a learning year and I think all these girls have learned something this year,” stated coach Joe Mauller. 

The 12U will travel to Barbour this week and the 16U will finish up their season away in Clarksburg also this week.



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