Bartlett Funeral Home expanding services through planned addition

GRAFTON—When families lose a loved one, they sometimes turn to the kind folks at Bartlett Funeral Home for assistance with funeral arrangements. After serving the area for over 100 years, the funeral home will be adding services to better aid families.

This summer, the former Country Living Nursing Home located across the street from the funeral home was demolished, after it was revealed that the building was past repair. In it’s place, Bartlett Funeral Home added a new parking lot, to better serve their patrons.

Now that the parking lot project has been completed, more construction projects are on the horizon for the funeral home.

David Bolyard, Bartlett Funeral Home and Crematory Owner and Funeral Director announced last week that Bartlett’s would be growing their services, and that families would be able to utilize them in a new addition to the building.

“Now that we have completed our parking lot project, we are happy to announce that we will be adding a Chapel and a Celebration of Life Center, as well as new restroom facilities, and a family lounge for Cremation Receptions and After Funeral Dinners,” he voiced.

And while construction isn’t set to begin until January 2021, Bolyard said that he is excited to have the ball rolling.

“I have waited to get the parking we needed before adding on, but I am excited to get started,” he expressed. “We have had the desire and plans to add on since we purchased the former nursing home in July 2009, but because parking was always an issue, we couldn’t afford to carry out the construction until we added the 50 additional spots across the street.”

Bolyard shared that City Construction, out of Clarksburg, would be handling the project.

“We felt that they were a great fit, because they have strong ties to Taylor County,” he noted. “In fact, the project manager is from here, so we feel confident that they will do a wonderful job on the addition.”

For the project, eight of the current parking spots located on the side of the funeral home will be transformed into a free-standing edition that will house the 150 seat Chapel for traditional funeral services, the Celebration of Life Center for cremation services and a grand room for gatherings.

“In addition, we will be remodeling the existing addition of the back of the building, but the main house will stay intact and will still be utilized for viewings,” said Bolyard. “Folks will still be able to tour the area and check out the historic and breathtaking woodwork that the house offers.”

He shared that the addition would resemble the original building and that the architects have added little touches to tie in some of the existing features.

“The Architect James Swiger and WYK have added architectural features like designs in the corner bricks and designs from the chimney into the new chapel to make it look like it has always been a part of the original building,” Bolyard revealed. “He said that they would also be updating their existing foyer, that was once the building’s front porch, to make it more aesthetically pleasing with the historical design of the home.”

With the addition of the family lounge for cremation receptions and after funeral dinners, Bolyard shared that the funeral home would be offering food choices to those who opted to utilize the space.

“We will have a full catering menu to have food during a celebration of life or after funeral dinner,” he noted. “I already have one family prearranged at another location that will have a live band for the party they have requested, so this space would allow for options like that here locally.”

Bartlett Funeral Home has always strived to maintain a high level of integrity in the services that they provide, and the new addition will only allow them to continue to do so.

“We are adapting to the future and allowing families to have a multitude of option in one place,” voiced Bolyard. “We want to say thank you to the community for their continued support throughout the years, and we are honored to serve and want to give back to Taylor County.”


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