Back to school decision to be made by Friday

TAYLOR COUNTY—Many counties around the state are preparing to send their students back to in-person learning, and while Taylor County has approved a tiered approach for returning to the classroom, decisions have to be made shortly.

Taylor County Superintendent of School Christy Miller shared that the West Virginia State Board of Education would be hosting a meeting today, to discuss the return of students to the classroom.

“Here in Taylor County, we are continuing with remote learning this week,” she reported. “The state board will be meeting on Wednesday to discuss the information presented by President Hall in conjunction with the West Virginia Department of Education regarding going back to school.”

She said the decisions would be discussed at length during that meeting, and that it could affect the outcome of the county’s local school board’s plans.

While decisions will be made on the state level on Wednesday, Miller revealed that Taylor County Schools would have to solidify their plans for a safe return on Friday.

“We will have to decide how we intend to move forward; however, we could be impacted by what happens on Wednesday at the state meeting,” she explained. “Through additional funding from D.C., we will be working to make sure we have an adequate supply of personal protective equipment for both students and adults. And we will continue to work to vaccinate teachers and other personnel.”

“Our state officials do know that vaccination efforts are underway across the state, as well as here locally,” Miller explained. “We were able to administer 72 vaccinations across the school system, and while that is a great number, we know that there are many more to go.”

As of Monday, it was unclear when the county would receive additional dosages of the Moderna vaccine for the upcoming week.

“We also do not know at this time how many doses will we receive for our staffers,” Miller noted. “The information that we have received so far is that we will continue to work with our partner, the Grafton-Taylor County Health Department, to get our personnel vaccinated.”

According to Miller, the focus would be to immunize those teachers and personnel who are currently working within the school system, as well as the substitutes who have been working regularly this school year.

“We will be working to get information out to those on our sub lists, because right now the focus is our full-time employees, including professional and service staff, and those substitutes who are in long-term positions or those who have been coming day-to-day for us to fill positions,” she revealed.

Miller disclosed that Taylor County Schools would continue to work closely with the health department to ensure all personnel who wished to be vaccinated were able to do so.

“We are looking forward to continue working with the health department and building on our great relationship as we move forward,” she expressed. “We have appreciated all of their help and support through this pandemic, as well as the support we have received from the community.”



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