Aubrey Roy named as Taylor County Athlete of the Week

Sometimes, being a good athlete isn’t always about the points scored, awards earned or the first-place finishes, often, it is being and becoming the best athlete possible is more about attitude, passion, teamwork skills and dedication. 

And this week’s Taylor County Athlete of the Week is the embodiment of an excellent athlete. 

Aubrey Roy is a seventh-grade student at Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) and a second-year member of the Knights track team. 

While Roy may not be the first one crossing the finish line during meets, she has garnered positive attention from spectators and her mentors in the sport for the heart and drive she has to personally improve and grow as a Lady Knights runner. 

According to those involved with the TCMS team, despite not finishing first, Roy maintains a positive attitude and cheerful demeanor, refusing to get discouraged and never giving up. 

Roy works to not be the best, but to become the best version of herself in the sport that she can possibly be, challenging herself to not worry about who is running next to, ahead of or behind her, but rather she is her own opponent, lacing up her sneakers each week looking to break her own personal records. 

On March 25, TCMS competed in the Bridgeport Connect Middle School Track Meet, in which the Lady knights placed ninth overall, and Roy stood out in several of her events. 

In the girls 400-meter, she finished in a time of 1:37 and assisted both the 4x200 and 4x400 relay teams to top ten finishes, during the event. 

The 4x200 team placed ninth with a time of 2:33, while the 4x400 team came in eighth recording a finishing time of 5:48. 

Then, at home on April 6, Roy ran her best time yet in the girls 800-meter. Going the distance, and staying focused on her pace, she came in with a personal best of 3:25. 

During that same meet, she once again played an important role on the 4x400 relay team, assisting them to a fifth-place finish with a time of 5:46, contributing points to the Lady Knights’ second place overall win, as they came in just three points shy of securing first. 

 In the spirit of improving, Roy continued to push herself at practice, finding her stride at the Doddridge County Middle School Invitational on April 9, where she would earn a new personal record in the 400-meter. 

Coming in a full eight seconds faster than her previous time in Bridgeport, she completed the race in a time of 1:31. 

Additionally, while competing at Doddridge, her 4x400 team also bettered their previous time, finishing sixth with a time of 5:43, contributing to a solid seventh place overall finish for the Lady Knights.

It is easy to see why those close to her are so proud of the work she has done both on and off the track, as Roy possesses true athletic qualities beyond those that typically come to mind. 

Congratulations Audrey on all the strides you have made so far this season, we look forward to watching you grow even further next season! 


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