Arts Council adds new services

GRAFTON— The Taylor County Arts Council (TCAC) is on an ongoing mission to keep the arts alive and thriving in Grafton and Taylor County. In doing so, the group continues to add to and enhance their amenities to better serve the community. 

Recently, the TCAC has added a new way for folks to get in touch with them by obtaining a new phone number. For any inquiries, simply dial 304-265-5500. When calling you will be prompted to leave a message, that will instantaneously be forwarded to one of the council’s volunteers, who will respond to messages promptly. 

Additionally, the TCAC also revealed the birth their of a new webpage for Gallery 62 West, which was created by Diane Parker. Parker put her creation skills to the test and fashioned a page that is both beautiful and user friendly. 

The site,, features a brief history of the TCAC with an attractive design, and shares a little bit about who they are as an organization. 

“By supporting local artists and their creative endeavors, we promote and enrich local culture,” the site reads. “Our goals are many and worth achieving. We are thankful for the artists in West Virginia. It is by bringing the artists to the forefront that we keep our area rich in creativity and culture.”

The webpage is also a great source for information on upcoming events being hosted by the TCAC and features a photo gallery of past exhibits, events and more. 

The site also provides contact information to visitors, including their new phone number, address, email address and hours of operation. 

The TCAC also would like to make the community aware of the fact that they are always in need of an accepting new volunteers. 

As an active part of the community, the group frequently hosts classes and workshops, displays new exhibits monthly and typically takes part in the town’s First Friday events, opening their doors and serving refreshments to their guests.

With the start of the new year and a lot of new and exciting shows and even more events planned, now is the perfect time to get involved and be a part of the art community. 

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer should call the TCAC’s new phone number to learn more. 

Be sure to visit their website, as well as to follow their Facebook page to stay in the know with all the TCAC has in store. 

It is sure to be an exciting and colorful year at Gallery 62 West by the Taylor County Arts Council!


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