Artists making their way to White Front Tavern and Grill

GRAFTON—Local author Ryan Quinn is getting set for a one fun book signing.  Quinn will be signing books Saturday October 12, at the White Front Tavern and Grill.  While Quinn is signing books, the composer of the theme song of his upcoming movie, The Devil’s Diary, Johnnie Black, will be playing from 8:00 p.m. until midnight.   

Black, a native of Milton, WV, met Quinn through a mutual friend in Grafton before Quinn asked him to work on the project. 

Black himself is no stranger to Grafton.

“I have visited Grafton several times.  My wife and I actually got married there.  We love going to the White Front Tavern and Grill, they have the best steak and cheese sandwich that I have ever had,” he shared.

Black has recently dropped his first single, “I’m Gonna Love You” in Nashville.  “I’m Gonna Love You” is available on Amazon Music, Spotify and Google Play. 

Black describes his music as, “Country with a little Southern rock,” and if you listen to his new single, you will get a sweet glance into his unique sound.

Black is excited to be working with his friend Quinn on the Devil’s Diary movie.  The Devil’s Diary screenplay was picked up by Canadian Director/Producer Manuel DaSilva.

The Devils Diary focuses on a man trying to juggle his career and home life when he is presented with the Devils Diary and must protect his family. Quinn revealed that the story hits home with those battling their own personal demons.

Quinn and Black have been working diligently on getting the production up and running.  The film has been cast, the location in Canada secured and the soundtrack is in the works. 

Shooting will hopefully begin in June 2020 in Canada.

Quinn has completed five screenplays, the others being Beneath the Stones Unturned, The System is Broken Bad, Rural Route 76 and Christian and Single.  All the books are available for purchase from Quinn or on

Of all the screen plays, Black says that he really enjoyed Rural Rote 76.

“It definitely makes you think about bus drivers in a whole new light,” he joked. 

Please come out to the White Front Tavern and Grill on Saturday from 8:00 p.m. until midnight and support this local artist while enjoying the incredible live music of Johnnie Black.


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