Artist working with uncommon medium to visit public library

GRAFTON— The Taylor County Public Library will be hosting artist Michael Albert, on Thursday, June 15, from 1:00-3:00 p.m.

The public is invited to attend, free of charge, as Albert discusses his unique works of art, and his first book titled ‘An Artist’s America’.

Albert first became interested in art after visiting many museums in New York. He began his own serious artistic pursuits, working with magic markers, and did some tinkering with wax oil sticks.

According to his website,, Albert always had a need to use materials that had no other particular use.

Today, Albert’s most well-known type of art is what he refers to as ‘Cerealism’. This type of art came due to his reluctance to throw away a Frosted Flakes cereal box. Instead, he used the box and created his first piece of ‘Modern Pop Artwork’, which he titled ‘Portrait of American Classic’.

Now in his collection, Albert has over 500 original cereal box collages. He spends hours creating the collages, which are all handmade without the use of computers.

Albert collects all the materials that are used himself, and had evolved the process of turning consumer packaging into his own original fine art.

For more information, please stop in at the library, or call 304-265-6121.