Argentinian singer visits Grafton High

GRAFTON—Emir Sensini, an Argentinean signer, visited Grafton High School on Thursday, to inspire the students through music.

Five area schools attended the concert and positive lecture. Students from Petersburg High School, Morgantown High School, Tucker Valley High School, Grafton High School and Taylor County Middle School, were present to hear Sensini deliver his message.

Taylor County Middle School Spanish Teacher Senora Blanca Skaggs hosted the event, and shared she sets it up every year.

“I am very happy to give this opportunity to my students at Taylor County Middle School and the other schools, as well,” said Skaggs

Skaggs said, she invited the other schools in the area to attend the concert. Weeks before the concert, the students practiced songs that would be sung, during their Spanish classes and learned different expressions in Spanish to prepare for the activity.

After the concert, all the students from the schools went to different Mexican restaurants in the area to eat lunch.

Eighth grade students from Skaggs’s Spanish class joined Sensini on stage for a dance  performance to one of his hit songs.

“The students practiced the routine before the concert,” Skaggs shared.

During the concert Sensini spoke to the students about the different obstacles he has faced throughout his life.

Sensini shared with students, he was born in Argentina, he starting singing at a young age and also played soccer for the “Rosario Central” team.

Upon reaching the age of 18, he had to make on of the most important decisions of his life; leaving everything behind to dedicate himself full-time to his life’s purpose.

He had a very deep passion for music and singing. He told the students to always believe in yourself no matter what and have faith.

Sensini lead students in reciting a quote in English and Spanish, “My life and my dreams will shine any where I go. Its your time to shine.”

Sensini performs with the Justo Lamas Group (JLG). According the website,, the JLG Concerts are an educational program with the primary objective of promoting the study of the Spanish language through music.

The group has been taking the Concerts to Schools all around the United States of America for 18 years. The JLG has heard hundreds of teachers say how the program has created interest and enthusiasm for the Spanish language with their students, the website stated.

The headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. The JLG has traveled to more than 1,000 schools, including middle schools, high schools, universities and even elementary schools, to promote teaching the Spanish language and positive values to the youth.

The website also stated, the JLG Concerts program is much more than a concert, it is an inspiring educational activity.