Are you the fittest of them all?

Tygart Valley Rehab and Fitness looking for contestants

GRAFTON—Tygart Valley Rehabilitation and Fitness is looking for the area’s strongest, most athletic ladies for their Second Annual Fittest Ladies Contest.

During the contest, female competitors are put to the test in various events.

“There will be a total of 10 events for the ladies to compete in. The fastest time completing the events wins,” noted Fitness Center Manager Ricky Williams.

During the contest, a staff member will record each competitor’s times and completion for each event, for their chance to be named fittest lady.

“These ladies will be put to the test. Balance, coordination and core strength are some major factors in the contest,” shared Williams.

The contest will run the entire month of March, but competitors are encouraged to get an early start on their quest to be named with Tygart Valley Rehabilitation and Fitness’s Fittest Lady of 2019.

Williams noted that the contest helps encourage both men and women to become a little healthier, while giving participants the ability to win over $500 in awards and gift certificates.

“This contest was a great success last year,” Williams commented. “Let’s see who the fittest lady in is in the area!”

Last year, over a dozen competitors from Grafton, as well as surrounding areas such as, Bridgeport, Philippi and Morgantown, signed up to put their strength and endurance to the test. At the end of the competition, Morgan Griffith was named fittest of them all.

The participants had to really show what they were made of with an event list that included repetitions of jump rope, dumbbell push presses, and going the distance on the rower.

However, the contest didn’t stop there. Contestants also had to demonstration their upper body strength with pull-ups and chin ups, along with reps with the battle ropes. The ladies also tested their core strength by performing declined bench sit-ups and hanging knee raises.

The final events of the contest tested the leg strength and endurance of the participants. The ladies were required to complete reps of medicine ball goblet squats, had to climb on the Stairmaster, and took to the treadmill.

Those interested in taking part in this year’s competition, or those wishing to obtain more information and rules on the contest, should call Tygart Valley Rehabilitation and Fitness Center at 304-265-2191.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your way to Tygart Valley Rehab and Fitness, located at 245 Greens Plaza, Grafton, and stake your claim as the area’s fittest lady!

Be sure to stop by the gym to learn about all of the classes and programs to help you meet your fitness needs.