Another vacant home claimed by flames

GRAFTON—For the fourth time in recent months, the Grafton Fire Department (GFD) was toned out for a working structure fire, this time at the intersection of West Knotts Avenue and Dobbs Street, in Grafton.
The call came into the Harrison-Taylor County 911 Dispatch Center at approximately 7:41 p.m., on Thursday, April 2.
When crews arrived on scene, they found a home fully engulfed in flames. Crews set to work drawing water from nearby hydrants, as they attempted to combat the flames.
As firefighters worked with two hoses on the front of the house, additional crews attempted to extinguish the inferno from the backside.
With members from Grafton, Flemington and Fellowsville on hand, the flames were battled back, and the GFD’s ladder truck was utilized for an aerial attack to continue dowsing the blaze.
Within a few hours, the fire was extinguished.
“Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the agencies who responded and assisted with the fire,” expressed Grafton Fire Chief Wayne Beall. “It is reassuring to know that surrounding departments are ready to come at our call. I’d like to thank Flemington and Fellowsville for their assistance on scene, as well as Boothsville for covering the station.”
During the call, a firefighter from Fellowsville Fire Department sustained an injury to his shoulder and was transported by the Taylor County Emergency Medical Squad to Grafton City Hospital, where he was treated and released.
The home, which was vacant at the time of the fire, sustained heavy damage and was deemed a total loss by officials.
Because of the suspicious nature of the blaze, the West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s office was called in to investigate.
Those with any information about this fire are asked to please call the arson hotline at 1-800-233-FIRE or contact Patrolman Coleman Durrett at the Grafton Police Department by phone at 304-265-0101.
Anyone with information regarding any of the other fires involving vacant homes can be relayed to the state fire marshal by calling the arson hotline above.
Chief Beall said that these incidents need to stop, because not only are they ruining people’s lives causing them to lose everything they own, they put the lives of neighbors and first responders at risk.
“Neighbors keep your eyes and ears open, if you see someone going into vacant buildings or messing around them, please call law enforcement and let them know,” voiced Beall. “Most everyone has a camera in their pocket now. Take pictures of the people. But please, at least call the law, so they can check them out.”
He shared his gratitude to those who help the keep the community safe.
“I first want to thank the Lord above for protecting all the first responders, and I want to thank our members of the Grafton Fire Department for their unending dedication. You guys give a lot.,” Beall voiced. “Thank you to the other first responders in Taylor County: the Grafton Police Department, Taylor County Sheriff’s Department, Taylor County and Flemington Emergency Squads, and the Flemington and Boothsville Volunteer Fire Departments. When we have a call and need help you come without question. We truly appreciate each of you!”


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