Anna Jarvis students treated to special holiday drive thru event

GRAFTON—In an effort to provide their students with some of the excitement and fun of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, one local school held a special drive thru event on Wednesday.

Students from Anna Jarvis Elementary School were invited to visit the school to receive special Thanksgiving treats including a snack and craft to take home to create.

To help control traffic at the school, each grade level was given a designated pick-up time and as a way to ensure that everyone was safely distancing and the school remained closed for its weekly cleaning, students were driven by parents and guardians through the front parking lot at the school to receive their items.

When the youths arrived throughout the day, they were not only greeted by their teachers but were also welcomed by a very special guest, turkeys. Two to be exact.

Tom Turkey, a lovely blowup that helped add to the festive cheer and Tammy Turkey, who assisted teachers with handing out the snacks and crafts to the students.

All in all, it was a great day to spread some holiday cheer among the students and their families, along with the teachers and staff at the school.

“Our staff had a great time wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving today at our drive thru,” said a school official.

“It was really cute,” said grandparent Cara Weaver. “The kids really enjoyed seeing the turkeys and their teachers.”

In fact, some individuals were so pleased, they took to social media to express their delight.

Kati Epperley commented on Anna Jarvis Elementary School’s post about the event saying, “This was great! Thank you all so much!”

Jessie Abbott voiced that she thinks that the teachers at Anna Jarvis are the best on the post.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone involved,” expressed John Toth.


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