Anna Jarvis Elementary School’s OWLS trail to receive upgrades and additions

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GRAFTON—Anna Jarvis Elementary School’s Outdoor Wildlife Learning Sites (OWLS) Trail is getting revamped, thanks to community support.

Executive Director, Taylor County Collaborative Family Resource Network, Cathy Coontz shared that Alicia Lyons, a parent from Anna Jarvis Elementary School, came to her with the idea of cleaning up the trail.

Coontz revealed that the Taylor County Collaborative Family Resource Network administrated a mini grant, in conjunction with Try This West Virginia, for the project.

Principal of Anna Jarvis Elementary School, Heather Gunderson said, “This is exciting for everyone. Making the trail and the outdoor classroom more accessible to students and teachers is going to be wonderful.”

Thursday was the first day of planning, which consisted of walking the trail and marking dead trees to be removed along with mapping Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations that will be needed.

The community partners helping with the project are Arch Coal Leer Mine Complex, Taylor County Board of Education, All Aboard Grafton, Patch Coalition, the Mountain Statesman, Anna Jarvis Parent Teacher Organization, Taylor County Board of Education Maintenance Supervisor John Potts and Starting Points Family Resource Center.

The plans for the trail are to clear the brush, cut down tress, define a path and add gravel along the path. There will also be benches and trash cans placed throughout.

The Taylor County BOE will be providing the gravel for the project. Assistant Superintendent Pam Gallaher said, “We are happy to help with the project, and to help maintain the trail.”

The anticipated date of completion is August 15, when the 2017/2018 school year starts.

An outdoor classroom will be added at a later date. The classroom will be closer to the school, at the beginning of the trail, making it more accessible to students and teachers.

Work on the trail will begin on July 20,  and volunteers are needed. Contributions and donations are welcomed to help with any extra costs.

To volunteer or donate contact Coontz, at 304-265-6838, or email [email protected]

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