Anna Jarvis Birthplace Museum welcomes guests to annual yard sale

WEBSTER— Everyone loves a yard sale, right? There’s just something special about finding treasures among the tables.

Yard sales provide the perfect opportunity for guests to find previously-loved treasures among tables and racks of items, often putting money in the pockets of the seller. The money raised at an upcoming sale will be used for the upkeep and maintenance of a local landmark.

The Anna Jarvis Birthplace Museum, located just outside of Grafton in Webster on Route 119 South, will be hosting a spring yard sale next week. Over the span of five days, April 11-16, guests will be invited to peruse through a variety of items from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

“I will be here until 2:00 p.m. each day, but there is a possibility that we will extend our hours if need be,” noted Museum Curator Olive Ricketts. “If the sign is out at the road, we’re here, and we’re ready to sell!”

She shared that many individuals and groups have made donations to this year’s sale, which she is hoping will be bigger and better than last year’s. Ricketts revealed that there will be something for everyone at the sale, and that the money raised will be put directly back into the museum.

“Everyone has been very generous with donations this year. We have three or four families locally give, as well as a couple families from Barbour and Harrison Counties. We have already taken truckloads of goodies to the park,” she disclosed. “All the items have been washed and cleaned thoroughly.”

Whether you’re looking for knickknacks, housewares, home essentials, tools or clothes, the sale will offer something for every shopper.

“This year, we have received a lot of cookie jars, which can sometimes be collectables,” Ricketts commented. “We will also have old glass items, as well as clothing.”

She revealed that the sale would offer some boys’ items, along with women’s clothing in varying sizes.

In addition, the sale will boast a large selection of movies on DVD, along with games for various gaming systems.

If season decorations are something you’re on the hunt for, then look no further, as the Anna Jarvis Museum sale will offer various items to make your home look perfect for each season.

“We had someone donate their seasonal decorations to us because they were no longer able to keep up with the task of decorating their home for the different season and holidays,” Ricketts revealed. “So, if it is decorations you seek, you should come see us!”

For those on the hunt for a specific item, a quick call to Ricketts at the Anna Jarvis Birthplace Museum Office phone, at 304-265-5549, will let you know if you can expect to find it.

“We hope that everyone will come out to help support the museum, and that they find something special to take home,” Ricketts imparted. “There truly will be something for everyone, and all of the money raised will go into keeping this historic landmark up and running for future generations to enjoy.”


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