An upgrade 20 years in the making

GRAFTON—As some drive down West Main Street, they may notice a change to the outside of the Mountain Statesman office.

Over 20 years after the letters were first applied to the front window of the building, new ones have taken their place.

“The old letters were peeling, and we wanted to do something to help enhance the look of our building, to let people know we take pride not only in our business but in the community, as well,” shared Mailroom Manager Cara Weaver, who spearheaded the project.

After gaining approval from Publisher James Austin, Weaver set out to find the perfect business for the job. She began to gather quotes from local businesses.

Then, one day while cleaning out a drawer in the office, she came across the January 8, 2000 edition of the Mountain Statesman that showcased a picture of the original letters being applied to the window on January 19, 1999.

On a whim, Weaver searched to see if Sunset Graphics, a business located in Buckhannon who was responsible for the application of the original letters, was still in business. Sure enough, she learned that not only was the business still going strong, but that it was under the same ownership as twenty years before.

“I decided to give them a call to see what kind of quote they could give me for the services we were seeking, including new letters across the front window and a smaller decal for the front door,” she shared.

She revealed that upon speaking to the office staff at Sunset, they were entertained that the letters had withstood so many years of being out in the elements.

Within a few days, Sunset Graphics returned a competitive quote and were selected to carry out the job once more.

On Monday, a worker from the graphic and vinyl shop headed to Grafton to remove the old, worn letters and replace them with new, updated ones.

After a few short hours, the outside of the building received a much needed and well-earned facelift.

Sunset Graphics, located at 214 Pocohontas Street, Buckhannon, offers a wide array of services including signs and graphics, screen printing, embroidery, vehicle wraps and design.

“Not only did they give us the best price around, but they came and completed the work quickly,” Weaver noted.

To learn more about the services offered by Sunset Graphics, please visit their website,, or give them a call at 304-472-6369.

With updates being done to the outside of the building, staffers will begin turning their attention inside next. Over the next couple of months, the staff will be working to update the inside of the office with fresh paint, new window coverings and some deep cleaning.

“We hope that the community will stop by to see the office once it’s done and know that we are working to improve our business,” shared Staff Writer Jessica Viccaro.

The building won’t be the only part of the business that will receive changes in the upcoming months. The editorial staff at the Statesman is already in the process of brainstorming a new look for the paper.

“Be sure to keep an eye on the newspaper over the next few months, as we are in the process of coming up with some new design ideas that we hope will make the paper more enjoyable for our current and future subscribers,” shared Editor Nicki Skinner.


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