American Idol’s Cody Clayton Eagle to entertain at Music in the Park

TYGART LAKE—Summer may be winding down, but the Tygart Lake State Park Foundation will be celebrating this Labor Day weekend with their Music in the Park Concert Series.

The foundation is proud to announce that they will be continuing their concert series with American Idol contestant Cody Clayton Eagle on Sunday September 1, 4:00 p.m.

Eagle is a seventeen-year-old accomplished country musician hailing from the hills of West Virginia.

The young artist’s career in music, might just be starting, but his accomplishments match that of a veteran in the industry.

He has shared the stage with numerous talented individuals, such as Jason Michael Carroll, Slaughter, George Shingleton and Charles W. Godwin.

But many may remember his most well-known moment in his career when he received a gold ticket to Hollywood given to him by the judges of ABC’s American Idol.

As a West Virginia native, Eagle works diligently to make his home state proud and succeeds in his efforts with every performance, every song and every note.

The concert will be held at the Lodge patio overlooking our beautiful Tygart Lake. Throughout the summer the foundation has held numerous concerts to help make summer memories for the whole family

To help add to those memories, the Tygart Lake Park Foundation has teamed up with many sponsors this summer to hold their Music in the Park of the 2019 Summer Season.

This concert is being sponsored by Subway Restaurant in Grafton. The foundation shared that they would like to thank them for their continued support.

The event is free, and the foundation would like to extend an invitation for the community to come join them this for another great night of Music in the Park.

During the concert, the foundation will be selling hot dogs and cold drinks to enjoy.


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