Alpha Delta Kappa welcomes members

GRAFTON—Last week, Alpha Delta Kappa WV Delta Chapter inducted new members into its prestigious sorority.

Alpha Delta Kappa International Honorary Sorority for Women Educators was founded in 1957, and it is an international honorary organization of women educators dedicated to educational excellence, altruism and world understanding.

Member Amber Kirkpatrick shared that the major goals of the sorority is to give recognition to outstanding educators and to build a fraternal fellowship among educators, adding to their effectiveness in promoting excellence in education.

In addition, the sorority strives to establish high standards in education and to promote educational and charitable projects and activities enriching the lives of individuals everywhere and assisting these individuals in achieving happy, constructive and fulfilling lives.

The sorority gives recognition to outstanding women educators and helps them to build a fraternal fellowship among women in the field of education which will add to their effectiveness in the promotion of excellence in education.

They also promote high standards of education and thereby strengthen the status and advancement of the education profession.

In addition, the sorority promotes educational and charitable projects and activities, to sponsor scholarships, to further and maintain worthy standards in the field of education and to cooperate with worthy community programs relating to education and charities.

Locally, the chapter has been involved in many community fundraisers and events including collecting eyeglasses for the Lion’s Club of Grafton, donating to the Taylor County Humane Society, ringing bells for the Salvation Army, decorating doors at Christmas at nursing homes and many other noteworthy projects in the community.

According to, membership, which is honorary, is based on peer recognition, provides a wealth of opportunities for leadership development and networking through workshops, training sessions, conferences and conventions.

On May 8, the Alpha Delta Kappa WV Delta Chapter inducted new members to join their sorority. The new members are Blanca Skaggs, Renee Mahon, Kim Shafferman, Stacie Himes and Jill Childers.

Kirkpatrick shared that she would like to welcome the new members and looks forward to seeing the chapter grow.


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