All Aboard the collaborative efforts of the Greater Morgantown CVB

GRAFTON—All Aboard Grafton welcomed visitors to their meeting this past Thursday, at the Taylor County Library. 

Susan Riddle Executive Director and Blaithe Tarley, Strategic Communications Coordinator of the Greater Morgantown Convention and Visitors Bureau attended the meeting to share best practices from Monongalia and Preston Counties CVB. 

Riddle opened the meeting by sharing stories of towns using unique campaigns to boost their tourism, such as Greenville South Carolina’s Brass Mice and Denver Colorado’s Big Blue Bear.  Both ideas were created from local artists in the area. 

The ladies shared that the mission statement of the Greater Morgantown CVB is, “To create a positive economic impact on the Greater Morgantown area through superior customer service and aggressive sales and marketing efforts with community partners in the leisure, conference and sports and special events markets.”

As Riddle says, “I’m a salesman, I’m here to sell a destination.” 

As attendees listened to her talk, they were sold. 

Riddle is chalk full of energy, running off the incredible list of the CVBs accomplishments, peppering her talk with statements such as, “One more night – one more dollar.  That’s our goal” and “We are not here just to attend meetings, we are here to make things happen.”

Most importantly to All Aboard Grafton, Riddle explained how their CVB can also help Taylor County. 

The Greater Morgantown CVB utilizes small, wallet sized tent cards that they call “What’s going on cards”.  On the cards is the web site which not only lists their places/events in their area but also surrounding areas.

Riddle explained that they want Taylor County and other surrounding counties to send them information to list on the site, as it only makes the entire area more enticing to visitors.   

The cards also list, where companies pay $240 a year to post digital coupons.  Riddle said companies have had immense success with the coupons.  The companies participating also are the first pick for their itineraries. 

Riddle also talked about their use of “Hub and Spoke” tours which she explained, “gets people into their counties and then they take a route into other counties and then bring them back.  This spreads the wealth to surrounding counties and adds to visitor’s experience.” 

Riddle shared that she hopes to work closely with All Aboard to get the community’s events and businesses exposure, which will only benefit their plight. 

If you would like to know more about the Greater Morgantown CVB please visit their site at

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