AJES students fight for a good cause

GRAFTON—Anna Jarvis Elementary School has shown that their students are caring individuals over the last couple weeks.

Last week, students declared war against their fellow classmates, but for a good cause.

Students participated in a penny wars event with the proceeds helping two local families.

Vice Principal Shelly Stead shared that the student council came up with the idea to hold the event.

The object is to have as many positive points at the end of the day as possible. To do so, students are to put pennies into jugs, but other grades are able to sabotage each other by putting silver coins in instead of pennies.

The way to play the game is simple; one penny is equal to one point and the silver takes away points.

At the end of the week, Stead reported that the grand total raised was $2,359.92.

“Noah Findley and Wyatt Starkey’s families will each receive $1,179.76 to help with expenses associated with their battles against Osteosarcoma,” she shared.

She commented that the students at the school did a wonderful job helping with this cause.

In addition to declaring a penny war, Anna Jarvis Elementary students also made a caring wall to honor family and friends who have fought, are currently fighting or who have lost their battle with cancer.

The students decorated ribbons with various colors denoting different types of cancer, adding names of their loved ones. Their ribbons were then returned to the school, and were placed on a wall outside of the gym.

With nearly 300 ribbons, many people commented that it was a touching tribute, but was also heartbreaking to see that so many people faced the horrible disease.

“We love to see how caring our students can be. Each year, we have a good amount of kids turn ribbons in for their loved ones,” Stead commented. “It is inspirational to see just how much our students come together for others in the community.”