AJES STEAM Club offers fun experience

GRAFTON—Before the 2018-2019 school year came to a close, one local school held an open house to help students STEAM into summer.

Last week, Anna Jarvis Elementary School held a kickoff event to show students and parents the new STEAM lab at the school.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

During the event, students and parents had the opportunity to visit different stations

For the science portion, students visited the STEAM Lab that included nine different stations.

There, students had the opportunity to build bird nests, gear sculptures, body puzzles, pictures, tissue mosaics and take part in Three Billy Goat Gruff, a Lego challenge, slopes and sideways city.

For technology, students tested their skills with Botley Robots and a mouse maze. For engineering students got to build a vehicle and a tower.

Then, for the arts portion of the day, students got creative and built kites, and tie-dyed coffee filters. Outside, students also got to experiment with ice sculptures.

Then it was time for mathematics. Students had fun measuring up playdough and playing math twister.

After the parents and students visited each station and completed the activity, the students received a sticker. Upon receiving two stickers, the students received a treat.

Starla McCauley organized the event and had the vision to get a STEAM Lab at the school.

“I felt that the kids needed this lab. Many children do not have the opportunity to have this type of hands-on experiences with learning,” she expressed. “I am excited to have the lab finished and look forward to adding more to it next year.”

She shared that in the fall, teachers will be able to bring their classes to the lab for exploring and learning.

Principal Heather Sinclair shared that she thinks it’s wonderful opportunity for the students to have a hands-on experience with learning and loved the parent involvement.


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