Adventure Club needs your help

TAYLOR COUNTY—The Taylor County Adventure Club needs your help.  They are conducting a survey for the betterment of the community and need as many responses as they can get.

The Taylor County Adventure Club has set up great programs for the area to get out and get active.  They offer kayak rentals, floats down the lazy river, the annual Adventure FEST and several different types of races, just to name a few.

Now, they have teamed up with students from West Virginia University to see what else the community needs thrive with healthy lifestyles. This survey will help determine what ventures to continue, which to implement and which to improve. 

Adventure Club chair, Bryan Smith summed up the survey by saying, “There are questions about what type of activities people like to do, what people look for when they travel, what would bring people to Taylor County in regards to recreational activities.  It also asks people whether or not they participated in any of the Adventure Club activities this past year and if so what was their overall satisfaction.”

Smith said that they have many new and exciting projects coming up including archery tag, which they purchased from Valley Worlds of Fun when it closed.  There is currently an archery tag tournament being planned for this winter.

The survey is being conducting through the West Virginia University Reed College of Media as a part of an Enactus WVU capstone course. 

Enactus WVU unites student, academic, business and community leaders together in one organization.  The goal of this organization is to better people’s lives and the community they live in.

The goal of the of this survey is to determine the characteristics and attributes of the target audiences for the Taylor County Adventure Club. 

To help your community and the Adventure Club, please visit their Facebook page to connect to the link or go to and complete the survey.