Actions taken by Gov. Justice since COVID-19 outbreak

Since the first cases of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) were confirmed in the United States, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has taken the following actions:


1/30/2020 Gov. Justice steps up state-level awareness of outbreak; the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) begins including COVID-19 information in its daily morning brief to state, county and local emergency officials.


2/25/2020 At Gov. Justice’s direction, DHSEM launches COVID-19 resource page for county and local emergency management agencies and first responders.


2/26/2020 Gov. Justice urges the DHHR to prepare for potential spread of COVID-19.


2/27/2020 At Gov. Justice’s direction, DHHR launches to keep the public and the media informed.


3/2/2020 Gov. Justice and DHHR Secretary Crouch participate in national call briefing.

3/4/2020 Gov. Justice meets with administration leaders, provides a briefing to the media.


3/4/2020 Gov Justice issues a State of Preparedness Proclamation.


3/7/2020 Gov. Justice and DHHR announce that COVID-19 testing can be done at the in-state lab.

3/9/2020 Gov. Justice participates in national call briefing with Vice President Mike Pence.

3/9/2020 Gov. Justice announces creation of toll-free information helpline (800 887-4304).


3/11/2020 Gov. Justice administration begins daily weekday press briefings.


3/12/2020 Gov. Justice announces state employee travel ban and basketball tournament cancellation.


3/13/2020 Gov. Justice directs WVNG to provide support; announces closure of West Virginia schools.


3/14/2020 Gov. Justice and WVDE issue updated guidance on school closures.

3/15/2020 Gov. Justice and Superintendent Clayton Burch announce 500 sites to feed children.


3/16/2020 Gov. Justice attends video conference call with President Donald J. Trump.


3/16/2020 Gov. Justice declares State of Emergency in West Virginia.


3/17/2020 Gov. Justice announces state’s first positive case of COVID-19.


3/17/2020 Gov. Justice announces closure of all restaurants and bars.


3/17/2020 Gov. Justice updates services provided by WV Bureau of Senior Services.


3/18/2020 Gov. Justice announces closure of gyms and recreation facilities.


3/18/2020 Gov. Justice requests WV ABCA temporarily suspends regulatory rule prohibiting bars and restaurants from providing beer and wine for off-premises consumption.


3/18/2020 Gov. Justice announces closure of regional DMV offices.


3/18/2020 Gov. Justice calls President Trump and secures his support.


3/18/2020 Gov. Justice orders cabinet secretaries to determine non-essential state employees that can work from home.


3/18/2020 Gov. Justice halts tours and non-business visits at the Capitol Complex.


3/18/2020 Gov. Justice and DHHR announce second confirmed case of COVID-19.


3/19/2020 Gov. Justice issues Executive Order providing unemployment benefits.


3/19/2020 Gov. Justice orders closure of barbershops, hair salons, and nail salons.


3/19/2020 Gov. Justice tests negative for COVID-19.


3/19/2020 Gov. Justice announces state purchase of 100,000 N95 surgical masks and 275 sets of highly protective suits.


3/19/2020 Gov. Justice issues Executive Order giving counties the flexibility to evaluate courthouse services.


3/19/2020 Gov. Justice announces additional positive COVID-19 test results.


3/20/2020 Gov. Justice orders closure of State Park Lodges, Hatfield McCoy Trail.


3/20/2020 Gov. Justice calls for increased blood donations.


3/20/2020 Gov. Justice issues Executive Order suspending several statutory regulations.


3/20/2020 Gov. Justice works with WV Tourism Office to launch interactive map of open restaurants.


3/21/2020 Gov. Justice holds statewide address urging West Virginians to follow guidelines.


3/23/2020 Gov. Justice issues Stay at Home Order for West Virginians.


3/23/2020 Gov. Justice announces Statewide Day of Prayer for March 25, 2020.


3/23/2020 Gov. Justice announces first community spread case of COVID-19.


3/23/2020 Gov. Justice announces work with WV National Guard and Department of Education to feed students.


3/23/2020 Gov. Justice announces closure of park cabins, restrooms.


3/23/2020 Gov. Justice orders additional suspension of several additional statutory regulations.

3/24/2020 Gov. Justice announces West Virginia facility to produce hydroxychloroquine sulfate potentially treat COVID-19.


3/24/2020 At direction of Gov. Justice, WV National Guard creates consolidated supply center with DHHR and DHSEM, to help ensure equipment needs between healthcare workers and emergency responders are being met.


3/24/2020 Gov. Justice issues proclamation declaring March 25 as Day of Prayer.

3/24/2020 Gov. Justice directed Workforce West Virginia and the WV Department of Commerce to step up assistance with new unemployment claims.

3/25/2020 Gov. Justice and religious leaders hold statewide Day of Prayer service.


3/25/2020 Gov. Justice helps lead AARP-WV tele-Town Hall with more than 5,000 attendees.


3/25/2020 Gov. Justice directs that the ongoing closure of all schools statewide be extended for at least three-and-a-half more weeks.


3/25/2020 Gov Justice announces he is waiving all interest and penalties on property tax filings until Friday, May 1, and calls for extending West Virginia income tax filing and payment deadline until Wednesday, July 15.


3/26/2020 Gov Justice names Dr. Clay Marsh, Vice President and Executive Dean for Health Sciences at WVU, as West Virginia’s COVID-19/Coronavirus Czar.


3/26/2020 Gov. Justice extends free fishing days for another month, to April 24.


3/26/2020 Gov. Justice speaks directly with President Trump during teleconference about medical supplies and federal assistance for West Virginia.


3/26/2020 Gov. Justice announces a month of free fishing, extending the license waiver until April 24.

3/26/2020 Gov Justice signs Executive Order suspending statutory provisions regulating the dates by which taxes must be paid and filed.


3/27/2020 Gov. Justice orders State Emergency Operations Center to full activation.

3/27/2020 Gov. Justice and the W.Va. Department of Environmental Protection announce that DEP continues to enforce all applicable rules and regulations amid COVID-19 pandemic.


3/29/2020 Gov. Justice and First Lady Cathy Justice issue statement after learning of first West Virginians to pass away from COVID-19.


3/30/2020 Gov. Justice again speaks with President Donald J. Trump during a COVID-19 teleconference.


3/30/2020 Gov. Justice issues an Executive Order closing State Park campgrounds and requiring out-of-state residents from areas with substantial community spread to self-quarantine while in West Virginia, for 14 days, unless conducting essential business or activities.

3/31/2020 Gov. Justice issues an Executive Order closing all private campgrounds to new out-of-state arrivals.


3/31/2020 Gov. Justice issues an Executive Order prohibiting elective medical procedures.


3/31/2020 Gov. Justice issues an Executive Order suspending additional health regulations identified as preventing the state from best coping with the emergency.


4/1/2020 Gov. Justice issues an Executive Order moving the primary election to June 9.


4/1/2020 Gov. Justice issues an Executive Order suspending regulations relating to tax deadlines and methods of payment.

4/2/2020 Gov. Justice and the W.Va. Department of Education announce new TV programming to aid the remote education of school children.


4/3/2020 Gov. Justice and state health leaders announce the first community cluster of COVID-19, in the state’s Eastern Panhandle.

4/3/2020 Gov. Justice and W.Va. Superintendent of Schools Clayton Burch announce that through the state Dept. of Education and county schools, 1 million meals have been provided to West Virginia children.


4/3/2020 Gov. Justice directs additional resources to WorkForce WV to assist with the processing of unemployment claims.


4/3/2020 Gov. Justice issues an Executive Order expanding the March 23 Stay at Home order in Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan counties, adding provisions and granting broad authority to their local health departments.


4/3/2020 President Donald J. Trump grants Gov. Justice’s request for an expedited major disaster declaration for West Virginia.


4/3/2020 Gov. Justice and the W.Va. Department of Health and Human Resources provide additional guidance for hotels, motels and other lodging.


4/4/2020 Gov. Justice issues an Executive Order expanding the March 23 Stay at Home order in Harrison, Kanawha and Monongalia counties, adding provisions and granting broad authority to their local health departments.


4/4/2020 Gov. Justice and the W.Va. National Guard provide an update on the National Guard’s ongoing and considerable support of West Virginia’s COVID-19 response. Nearly 460 WVNG personnel are involved, up from the initial deployment of around 60 members on March 23.

4/6/2020 Gov. Justice reports that Workforce West Virginia, with assistance from the West Virginia National Guard, is now operating their call center 24/7 with additional personnel at various locations so that the phone calls and backlog of claims are being addressed.


4/6/2020 At the direction of Gov. Justice, the WV DHHR unveils its improved coronavirus information dashboard to keep the public updated with accurate data.


4/6/2020 Alongside Gov. Justice, COVID-19 Czar Dr. Clay Marsh indicates that new modeling being done by the University of Washington shows that the surge in West Virginia, once projected at around May 4 is now April 15 and that the number of projected deaths has changed from 500 to between 150-170.


4/7/2020 Gov. Justice updates progress of Workforce West Virginia officials regarding unemployment claims, with 28,500 claims being processed in one day and with Workforce prepared to begin distributing the additional $600 in federal unemployment compensation provided by the Cares Act.

4/7/2020 Gov. Justice updates public on testing numbers, announcing that, per capita, West Virginia is on pace with the national testing rate, with a much lower rate of positive tests.


4/7/2020 Gov. Justice reports that four patients and one employee have tested positive at Eastbrook Center Nursing Home in Charleston for COVID-19 with 69 testing negative and 52 other tests still pending.


4/7/2020 Alongside Gov. Justice, COVID-19 Czar Dr. Clay Marsh announces that officials are continuing to look at all contingencies and are preparing to handle patients in the state that need hospitalization for treatment of the coronavirus while making sure healthcare workers are outfitted with the appropriate protective gear.


4/7/2020 At the direction of Gov. Justice, WV DHHR officials announce that St. Francis Hospital in Charleston is being prepared as a “surge hospital” if needed for COVID-19 patients.


4/8/2020 Gov. Jim Justice issues an executive order on Wednesday to include Marion County, along with six other West Virginia counties, as designated areas where local Health Department officials have broader powers to tighten restrictions to prevent further spread of COVID-19 across the state.


4/8/2020 Gov. Justice encourages citizens to consider helping youths in foster care.


4/8/2020 Gov. Justice announced that Optum, a division of UnitedHealth (our PEIA benefits manager), is now offering an Emotional Support helpline that is available to all West Virginians who may be experiencing anxiety or stress due to the COVID-19 crisis.


4/8/2020 Gov. Justice announces that schools and career technical education centers are assisting in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic by donating more than 65,000 protective items to healthcare workers and first responders.


4/9/2020 Gov. Justice issues Executive Order mandating that all private and public golf courses take additional steps to ensure proper social distancing, permitting municipalities to delay local elections, and more.


4/9/2020 Gov. Justice urges all West Virginians to be aware of scam callers​ posing as members of the state Tax Department or IRS to take advantage of people during the pandemic.


4/9/2020 Gov. Justice and state health leaders unveil updates to the DHHR’s online COVID-19 dashboard, including expanded data and new information on patients who have tested positive. The Governor also announced that the dashboard will now be updated twice daily.


4/10/2020 Gov. Justice announces each of West Virginia’s 55 counties will receive a $100,000 grant to utilize at their discretion to reward “hero pay” for the various front line personnel and first responders involved in the fight against COVID-19.


4/10/2020 Gov. Justice announces grant funding will also be given to the West Virginia National Guard to issue $500 to each member that has been activated to serve during the pandemic.


4/10/2020 Gov. Justice writes a letter to President Donald J. Trump requesting the authority to use some of the $1.25 billion in funding from the federal CARES Act to put toward emergency responders and essential workers in West Virginia.


4/10/2020 Gov. Justice announces​ that 24 staff members from the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, five State Troopers, and 60 additional temporary employees are being hired to assist WorkForce West Virginia and the West Virginia National Guard in continuing to handle the massive number of unemployment claims that have been filed as a result of COVID-19.

4/10/2020 Gov. Justice issues an Executive Order​ to add Cabell, Wayne, Wood, and Ohio counties to the list of designated areas where local Health Department officials have broader powers to tighten restrictions to prevent further spread of COVID-19 across the state.


4/10/2020 Gov. Justice reassures residents of north central West Virginia that West Virginia University continues to move forward in the process of repurposing Fairmont Regional Medical Center, with plans to reopen as soon as possible.


4/10/2020 Gov. Justice announces that after receiving a letter from the West Virginia Healthcare Association, asking for access to more personal protective equipment (PPE), that the West Virginia National Guard and other State entities will be reaching out to see what level of assistance is possible to provide.


4/13/2020 Gov. Justice issues an Executive Order​ to add Jackson County to the list of designated areas where local Health Department officials have broader powers to tighten restrictions to prevent further spread of COVID-19 across the state.


4/13/2020 Gov. Justice announces that he has directed the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources to issue a one-time, $500 payment to current recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), also known as WV WORKS, as part of the state’s ongoing response to COVID-19.


4/13/2020 Gov. Justice announces​ that the West Virginia National Guard has put together a mobile sanitizing trailer that can be deployed across the state to sanitize N-95 masks using FDA approved hydrogen peroxide vapors. This method can sanitize N-95 masks up to 20 times and we are able to process 1,500 masks every three hours.


4/13/2020 Gov. Justice announces that the West Virginia Division of Highways has set guidelines allowing for food trucks at rest areas as a temporary measure to ease the burden on truck drivers during the ongoing pandemic.


4/13/2020 Gov. Justice signs an Executive Order at the request of the West Virginia Board for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology that gives the board discretion to waive the five-day limitation on out-of-state licensees practicing speech-language pathology and audiology in West Virginia.