AAG fighting for small businesses

GRAFTON—All Aboard Grafton continues to work diligently to promote small businesses, as well as tourism, in Grafton and Taylor County.

The group met for their weekly meeting on Thursday at their headquarters in downtown Grafton and discussed ways that the community could come together in order to make big things happen in the area.

Recently, the group has started viewing the video series “Small Business Revolution- Main Street”. The series features the small town of Wabash, Indiana.

Although the population of Wabash surpasses that of Grafton, the two have many things in common, such as their rich history and the struggle to keep the doors open on small businesses.

The videos share the different stories of small business owners, the struggles they face and how they overcome obstacles.

“These videos give the community a chance to see what small business owners go through on a daily basis, how much we struggle and how much we have to overcome just to keep our doors open,” shared AAG member and small business owner David Cantu.

Members of the group shared their different ideas on how to create more traffic in the area, which, in turn, would help out the local businesses.

“Small businesses are a crucial element of a small town,” said AAG chairman and small business owner Tom Hart. “We have so many wonderful things for people to see and do right here in our town. We have Mother’s Day Shrine. People take tours there. Let’s give those people on that tour bus a flyer of places they could dine, visit or shop while here. If just half the people on the tour spend a little money in our town, it will boost our economy.”

Other club members discussed inviting surrounding area schools to bring their students to the downtown area and allow them explore the history that can be found throughout Main Street, from the International Mother’s Day Shrine to the Old B&O Station. 

In addition to supporting small businesses, AAG also conducts several activities to improve the town’s appearance and bring people together. One of which is Grafton’s first ever Earth Day Celebration, set to take place on Saturday, April 22.

AAG member Breanna Collins has worked extensively to plan the event and to include several activities that are geared toward creating a healthier and cleaner community.

“We have a great group of motivated individuals here, with some really great ideas. Together we can make Grafton great, and turn it into a place that everyone wants to visit,” imparted Hart.

All Aboard Grafton meets every Thursday at noon, with the exception of the last Thursday of the month, when the meeting is held at 6:00 p.m. All meetings are held at 121 West Main Street. Everyone is welcome to join in and share their own thoughts, ideas, or concerns.