A Woman of the Most High God: What is the job of a father?

First of all, God has placed fathers as the head of the household. He is to provide for his family. He must show leadership to his family. He is to be what Jesus was led by his Father. He did the will of his Father.

The father is to love his wife as Christ loved the church. The father is to honor his wife and the wife is to honor her husband. Both the father and mother must train their children up in the fear and admiration of the Lord. They are to pray with their children, take them to church, show them the way of Christ.

It is a big responsibility to be a father, but it is a great honor too. Fathers, your children are looking up to you to take care of them and make sure they feel safe. Making them know you will be there when they need you.

Jesus loved to please the Father. Children, you are to respect your father. Jesus prayed no his will be done, but that the Father’s will be done. Children, the bible tells us to honor our fathers and mothers that our days will be long on earth.

Fathers, it is a hard job, but it is a rewarding one. If your father is still living, show him that you love him and appreciate all he does for you and for leading you in the Godly way. And, if your father has passed away, thank God for the time you had with him and hold those memories close to your heart. I thank God for the father I had. It was for a short time, but I thank God for the memories I have of him in my heart. I know I will see him again.

There are many examples of fathers in the Bible. If a family prays together, they will say together. There are so many broken homes today. Fathers are missing from the picture. They haven’t seen their children, have nothing to do with them. What a shame!

Children don’t know why you don’t want to be a part of their lives. Do you know what you are missing? You brought them into this world. I don’t understand why you don’t call them, send them birthday cards or Christmas presents. Shame on the grandparents, also.

Fathers, you stand before God and give an account. What will your reason be for not taking care of your children? Are you the father you need to be?

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Teresa Reid


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