A Woman of the Most High God: The harvest is ripe, but where are the laborers?

We are living in a time that none of us have ever lived before. Yes, it can be a scary time. People are afraid of the unknown. There are job shortages, shortages of food. The county we live in is not the same as she once was. The churches are running scared. Some churches have been closed since March. Some churches are having only one service a week. There is no Sunday school for children.

Souls are dying, but what are the churches doing about it? Church people say we can’t do anything about it until the virus is over But, in the meantime, young people are overdosing on drugs, alcohol is destroying homes, children are being abused, wives and husbands are being abused. What about your neighbors? Do they know Jesus? People you work with, do they know Jesus? What about your boss?

There is hope. Jesus is here now! Christians don’t hide your light under a bushel. Let it shine. We are the salt of the earth. Let people know he is alive and well. He is for real. Give them a gospel track or a bible. Tell them about Jesus.

Christians we need to get busy with winning the lost. We have that blessed hope. His name is Jesus. Christians need to be true soldiers, mighty soldiers through Jesus Christ. God has called us to reap the harvest. Work for the night is coming and no man shall work. Christians, have you lost the vision for souls?

The young people need to be told that drugs are not the answer to their problems. Jesus is that answer. Christians, when is the last time you told someone about Jesus? When is the last time you lead someone to Jesus? We have been commissioned to win the lost. We go to Walmart. Witness to someone while you are shopping or waiting on your medicines. You go through McDonalds drive thru. Witness to someone while youre getting your food. There is always someone you can witness to. People are everywhere. Witness to your doctor.

There is always someone that you can witness too. Will you help bring in the harvest before it is too late? God is looking for laborers, will you be one? Where there is no vision, people perish.

Yours in Christ Jesus

Teresa Reid


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