A Woman of the Most High God: Is voting important? Pray before you vote

Yes, it is important to for you to go vote. We need to pray and see God’s face to know who we are to vote for. We need to know what the candidates stand for and if his or her beliefs match up to that bible tells us about what kind of leaders we are to put in office.

 The wrong person can put us in a place we don’t want to be in. It can affect our jobs, students, income, taxes, everyday things we deal with daily and people who don’t vote shouldn’t be complaining about what goes on after the election.

Christians you need to go vote. It is a privilege to be able to vote. At least you have a choice. America must go back to the bible, God’s holy word. It tells us what kind of leader we need to put in office. America has gotten on to the wrong path. America is not like the country we used to know but, she is still under one God. Can still put her back on the right path if we can pray and ask him too.

We have put God on the back burner. God has been good to America. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, we must vote for what is right. We are one nation under God. We must stand together as one body, united we stand, divided we fall. We must take a stand for truth.

Ask yourself this question: Who would Jesus vote for? When you pray he will guide you in making the decision who is supposed to be put in office. We need a change in America. Out back to the straight and narrow path. Put Jesus back in our school, court house and in homes and back in our government. We love America. It is still a good place to live. May God bless America.

Again, if you are voting for the first time, know what the people stand for, and if they stand for the principals of God. You must seek God for the right and work to put him back in office.

First, pray, secondly, know what they stand for, thirdly, then go vote. Voting is very serious. It will determine how the outcome will affect our lives. Be sure to go vote. 

Yours in Christ Jesus,


Teresa Reid


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