A Woman of the Most High God: Christ the Lord is risen today. What a glorious day!

Jesus promised on the third day he would rise again. Mary Magdalene was the first to see Jesus at the tomb. He told her to go tell his disciples. Peter was afraid. Thomas said, “Unless I can put my hands in his side, I won’t believe.” There were the people that had walked with God every day, and even they had trouble believing that Jesus had rose again.

Jesus told Thomas, “Blessed are they that believe and have not seen me.” It wasn’t like they didn’t know Jesus was going to die. Jesus himself told them. Jesus told them he must ascend back to his Father, but that he would come again. He was going to prepare a mansion for us. And then, he would come back and get us, and that is a promise he will keep.

Yes, we have heard it for a long time now, but he is going to soon claim his own. He is coming back like he promised. Some people don’t believe he is coming back. But I feel sorry for them when they miss his return. It’s too late then.

Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us, waiting for God the Father to say, “Son, go get my children.” Then the trumpet of God shall sound. The ones in the grave that are saved will come up out of the grave and we that are alive and remain shall be called up to meet him in the air. What a blessed meeting in the air. It is one thing that is sure to occur, you can take that to the bank. It is not a myth.

My blessed Lord and Savior is coming back for me. What a day, glorious day that will be. However, we must prepare to meet him by living a Godly life as he has called us to do. There’s nothing worth missing heaven for. I’m going to see my loved ones again and see my Lord and Savior face to face and live with him forever.

I made my reservation a long time ago. Have you? What are you waiting for? Jesus may come back today. No one knows the day nor the hour, but we surely do know he is coming soon. If you are a backslider, come back to Jesus. He’s married to you. If you have been saved and not doing the will of the Father, come back home. He’s waiting on you. He made his move on Calvary, now it’s your turn. Call him. He’s waiting to hear from you today.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Teresa Reid


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