A dragon becomes a king

GRAFTON—It is often said that karate is more than just a sport, that it is a way of life, and one local karate kid is proving that it is a large influence in his life.

Recently, Dragons Den Mixed Martial Arts Member Draken Swick made a trip Weirton to compete among some of the area’s top martial artists in the Karate King Classic.

The Karate Kings Classic was founded by Sensei Troy Fernandez of Clarence West Karate Systems. The event is an open Martial Arts tournament.

Swick proved that he was ready to take on the competition, as he showed a strong standing in the 9-10-year-old advanced division. He battled against other athletes in both Weapons and Empty Hand Forms, or Kata, competitions.

“Draken had to go against both boys and girls in both events, which made the division even larger than it had already been in the past,” shared Sensei Eric Swick, Draken’s father, who revealed that his son had previously competed in the Karate Kings tournament in 2016.

Grafton’s martial artist proved that he possessed the skills needed, when he was awarded with two gold medals and one silver medal, making him a Grand Champion.

“He earned a gold in weapons while showing his skill set with a bo,” E. Swick reported. “He then brought home a silver medal in Kata.”

E. Swick revealed that Draken is a fulltime competitor, spending numerous hours training, as well as time traveling all over to compete in various competitions and tournaments.

For now, he is relishing in his recent win, but is hard at work training for his next tournament, the Battle of Champions, that will be held in June in Parkersburg.


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