8U Base Invaders wrap up their inaugural season

GRAFTON— The Taylor County Base Invaders 8U Girls Softball team just finished their inaugural season.

The 8U team was added to an ever-growing slate of softball options for the girls of Taylor County.

The girls of Taylor County now have the option to play softball from the age of six to the age of eighteen in the county with involvement from the top down through each aspect of the program.

Jennifer Eskridge took the head coaching duties this year, while being flanked by John Jacobs and Mirranda Bartsch as the assistant coaches.

Head coach Jennifer Eskridge started the conversation, “One of the hardest things we had to overcome as a team was the fundamentals of softball. None of these girls have played softball before, some did play T-Ball or youth league baseball but never softball. By the last game these girls now have a solid foundation they can take with them to fall or spring softball.” Coach Jacobs interjected “They all improved a lot throughout the season learning the fundamentals of softball.”

Coach Bartsch elaborated further by adding “I think overall the girls really started to understand the fundamentals of specific positions and that the duties of first base are much different than those of the short-stop.”

“We had some girls who really improved this year. Arizona Eskridge has learned first base and what it means to really cover that base, Kendall Poston and Quinn Lambert had struggled with batting at the first of the season but by the end were hitting the ball each time they came up to the plate. Graceland Jacobs, Brynn Rogers, Avery Zbosink, Bailey Mayle and Ambreanna Wyer all worked hard and by the end of the season they were making great strides in hitting and fielding. Annabelle Bartsch really improved on fielding so that she understood where the play was happening. Aubrey Lambert and Kailee Jacobs really did a good job in their positions learning to cover each other’s bases and backing each other up,” said Eskridge.

When asked about the future of the 8U program, Eskridge had this to say “I believe Taylor County has something wonderful to offer this age and up now. The girls have been needing a program to teach them so when they go to middle or high school, they will have a good foundation of the game. Moving forward, having 8U is going to be a great way for them to understand the game before they move into 10U and up.  Many of the girls this year have learned so quickly they are ready to move up early.”

“We really had fun this year, from the High School girls coming to help with our practices to our popsicle days to our dance moments on the field the girls really had fun and learned some fundamental softball, so I couldn’t ask for more,” Coach Eskridge stated in summary.



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