4-H celebrates on the Princess

TYGART LAKE—Young 4-H members come together for their annual 4-H end of the year party on Friday night.

The kids work hard all year around to accomplish projects and activities including livestock project, service projects and other goals that are in line with 4-H.

4-H is the perfect organization for children who are wanting to get involved with their communities.

Clover Buds are the youngest set of 4-H members, with ages ranging under 8 years old. These kids work hard to become an established 4-H member.

During their Clover Bud years, participants learn how to show livestock and do projects to get a better understanding of what 4-H is and how it works.

Once through the Clover Bud stage, children become full-fledged members of the organization that focuses on Head, Heart, Hand and Health.

4-H is a great way to stay active and rewards kids throughout their life.

Highschool 4-H members are usually proud FFA members and seek scholarships for their future after high school.

Jan Coffman who has been a 4-H member and leader for 50 years said, “4-H is an amazing program. 4-H will follow you around wherever you go in life. 4-H has been around a long time and is a beneficial program.”

During the special end of year event, participants enjoyed an evening of relaxing on Tygart Lake aboard the Tygart Lake Princess Cruise Boat.

“Taylor County 4-H is appreciative and is happy that all of the community supports them,” shared Coffman.

If you are interested in 4-H, please contact a 4-H member to find out where and when you can start joining this wonderful organization in all that they do with hard work and dedication.


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