2022 Big 10 Volleyball results announced

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Grafton High School Lady Bearcat Volleyball’s Wellman receives recognition

GRAFTONAt the conclusion of the 2022 Volleyball Season the Big 10 Conference has released standings and post season awards headlined by Phillip Barbour Sr. Emily Denison who was named the Conference Player of the Year.

Big 10 Standings: 1- Phillip Barbour, 2- Bridgeport, 3- Liberty and RCB (tie), 5- Buckhannon-Upshur, 6- Lewis County, 7- Elkins, 8- East Fairmont, 9- Lincoln, 10- North Marion and Preston County (tie), 12- Fairmont Senior, 13- Grafton.

Liberty Head Coach Chris Vance would be named the Conference Coach of the Year, Liberty would record a 24-7 record coupled with an astonishing 12 wins on the road on the season, finishing #6 ranked in West Virginia Class AA.

Accomplishing Big 10 First-Team Honors are: Emily Denison (Phillip Barbour), MacKenna Halfin (Phillip Barbour), Avery Carpenter (Phillip Barbour), Alexa Martin (Bridgeport), Myleigh Smell (Bridgeport), Gabby Floyd (Liberty), Savannah Paterson (Liberty), Avery Childers (RCB), Kendal Currence (Buckhannon-Upshur), Elle Stump (Lewis County), Olivia Guire (Elkins), and Kaytlin Kelley (East Fairmont).

Big 10 Second-Team Honors mentioned: Katie Kennedy (Phillip Barbour), Ella Sorine (Bridgeport), Joslynn Kirsch (Bridgeport), Hailey Haynes (Liberty), Gina Alvaro (RCB), Emma Swiger (RCB), Alyssa Abel (Buckhannon-Upshur), Tori Perkins (Buckhannon-Upshur), Channing Carson (Lewis County), Ally Bragg (Lincoln), Riley Miller (North Marion), and Caroline Wellman (Grafton).

Congratulations to the above mentioned for their success and contributions to their programs throughout the season.


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