2019 Math Field Day winners recognized

PRUNTYTOWN—On Tuesday, the Taylor County Board of Education celebrated the accomplishments of many local students and their love for math.

At the meeting, the board room was filled with the 2019 Taylor County Math winners and their families.

The competition had winners from Anna Jarvis Elementary School (AJES), Flemington Elementary School (FES) and Taylor County Middle School.

Math Field Day Coordinator Amber Goldizen shared that the students worked very hard. There were 170 students that participated in this year’s event.

The fourth-grade winners were FES student Nathan Gump, who placed first and AJES students Ciarra Moran and Nikolai Maxon tied for second-place. First alternate was FES student Jazman Montgomery and second alternate was AJES student Jaya Rosa.

The winners for fifth grade were first-place Tyler Clemm, in second place was Rielee McGuffey, Madalyn Haddix took third-place, first alternate was Noah Ulh and second alternate was Brayden White.

In sixth grade, Andrew Wilson took first place, Conner Abraham claimed second, MJ Niggemeyer came in third, while Paige Moore placed first alternate and River Sydney Chen placed second alternate.

The seventh-grade winners were Justin Gainer in first, Laden Hulley in second, River Sipes placed third, Wyatt Poling was first alternate and Kayla Greathouse was second alternate.

In eighth grade, Garrett Hutson placed first, in second was Austin Casto and in third place was Marty May. Cole Mooney was named as first alternate, while Jordan Niggermyer brought home a second alternate title.

The board members commended the students for their hard work and dedication and told them to keep working toward their goals.

“You all, have made your teachers, parents and the county proud of you,” President Austin Upton expressed. “You are all here because you have accomplished a goal, and you have made everyone so proud.”

In addition, Goldizen announced the regional winners; Laden Hulley, Rielee McGuffey, Conner Abraham and Justin Gainer.

The students will compete in the 45th Annual West Virginia State Mathematics Field Day that will be held April 26-27.

After the recognition, the celebration of math was not over. After receiving their trophies and certificates, the students rallied around the board room holding signs that supported the Math4Life Campaign kick-off.

Director of Curriculum Instruction Linda Casto presented a short film to the board members that showed the importance of math in everyday life.

She revealed that Taylor County has joined the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) and 54 other counties in boosting student math achievement in public schools.

Math4life is an aggressive and comprehensive initiative designed by the WVDE to meet the needs of educators, students, families and communities to work together to increased student confidence and performance in math.

Casto reported that Taylor County schools will continue developing the county response to their math needs throughout the five-year plan period.

“The plan will include collaboration among county level and school level staff to develop goals and professional learning opportunities around grade level standards and a continuous media campaign to keep the community at large informed of progress and opportunities to support our efforts,” she explained.

In addition, the plan contains Parent Coordinator assistance in developing family nights and other strategies to connect activities between the school and home.

“Math application and understanding is vital to the future success of our students,” expressed Casto. “The focus for so long has been on literacy, now we must move to a balance including mathematics to ensure a well-educated workforce for the future of Taylor County and beyond.” 

“Taylor County has outlined several Math4Life activities in the near future, including a poster contest to use as a part of our March Math Madness launch and marketing materials throughout the campaign, as well as Twitter and a website where community members can submit photos demonstrating how they use math in their everyday lives,” she added.

To follow the campaign’s success, use #Math4LifeWV. For more information, contact Casto at 304-265-2497.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the board members agreed to pledge their support to the campaign.

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