2019 AJ Museum Mother of Year awarded for community support

TAYLOR COUNTY—The Mother of the Year for the Anna Jarvis House Museum has been named and she is Amanda Workman.   

Amanda arrived in Grafton with Turn This Town Around almost five years ago, and since then, has worked tirelessly to help the people of Taylor County.

She has helped community members by uplifting those with businesses and guiding those with an entrepreneurial spirit, to connect with resources and partners that can help them realize their goals. 

Workman has been a cheerleader to the members of All Aboard Grafton, being there to help and guide them anytime they have called on her expertise. 

Amanda is the Director of Community Engagement for the West Virginia Community Development HUB. 

“I work with communities from all over the state and enjoy every moment of it,” expressed Workman.

She revealed that she is a native West Virginian but has lived in several states throughout her life, although none of them felt like home.  After she applied for her current position, she knew it was time to return home. 

“It’s what brought me back to West Virginia,” she said. “My main role is a community coach.  That means working with individual communities on the ground.” 

During her time with the HUB, she has not only worked with Taylor County but also Moorefield, Cowen, Matewan and Whitesville. 

“It’s important to me to make it a better state and make it somewhere our kids are going to stay.  I want to grow old here, too,” she voiced. “You can do a lot of talking, but you’ve got to get out and do.”

With all that Workman does for West Virginia communities, she is first and foremost a mother to two-year-old Samuel and one-month old Robert.

On being a mother to two young boys Workman said, “Being a mom is hard work, but it’s the best ‘job’ I’ve ever had! I love hanging with my boys—ready to pull my hair out one minute and in the next laughing hysterically. I wouldn’t change a thing about it!”

Amanda will be awarded as their 2019 Mother of the Year at the Mother’s Day celebration at the Anna Jarvis House Museum, in Webster, on May 11, at 2:00 p.m. 

Organizers urge guests to come out and join in the festivities and get a tour of the Anna Jarvis House, which will be conducted all day during the special holiday.


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